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Arch Angels NYC Leader of Beauty Services

About Us

We are a reliable beauty company with the ability to provide world class services to our customers. We lead the industry in the most desirable solutions to beauty, which are unparalleled by our rivals. Our services are top notch and interestingly undetectable by the human eye. This is because we have focused on professionalism and highly skilled individuals as members of our staff. Arch Angels NYC is reputable for its dedication towards high standards of products and services without compromising on quality. This is the reason we remain a top company despite the competition and increase in rival companies.


Arch Angels NYC is located in the heart of Manhattan. We have grown into the best providers of micro-blading, skin care, permanent makeup, and other innovative beauty services among others. For several years now, ARCH ANGELS NYC has led the local companies into transforming beauty therapy as the world knows it. Leading the pack in Manhattan puts us top the world too as a world leader in the beauty industry. We expect to improve your services over the years with upgrades and updates too.


Part of the reason we are among the top companies in New York, is our pricing. Our customers love our prices because although they are not the cheapest available. They are most reasonable as we strive to balance quality with pricing. We do not over-charge our customers but give the most reasonable pricing to cater for the high quality services expertise and professionalism employed. Our customers appreciate this and keep coming for more without being compelled. Here are some of the most common and popular services and their prices.

  • Microblading Consultation – $50
  • 30-minute consultations is available for those interested
  • A $50 deposit will be required for your consultation on micro-blading.
  • The cost is credited towards the full micro-blading session.
  • Initial Microblading Session – $650
  • Microblading + Shading – $850
  • Ombre Brows – $750
  • Male Brow Microblading Session – $750
  • Microblading + Shading Touch-Up – $175
  • Phi Removal – $450 & up
  • Perfecting Touch-Up Session – $175
  • First Enhancement Session – $350 and up
  • Second Enhancement Session – $450 and up
  • Lip Contour – $600
  • Top Eye Contour – $500

During the consultations, you will get a chance to discuss the most suitable looks and methods for you. Remember to consider the shape & color and seek answers to your questions, which you may have about the treatment. If there will be enough time during the consultation, we may measure up and draw a brow shape specifically for you. This model will give you a clearer idea of what cosmetically tattooed eyebrows would appear. At this time you can choose to proceed with the session, by paying a $100 deposit to secure your future appointment.

The deposit will be forfeited unless provided 48 hours prior notice of a cancellation or reschedule. The initial procedure often takes between 2 and 3 hours. It is during this time that we will complete your desired brow look, select and draw the initial outline of the procedure area to your satisfaction.

Shading the brow after a microblading procedure adds density and a defined look. You may be creative in achieving your desired look. This will really bring your artistic talent to exposure and only imagination will limit your extents and extremes.

Some techniques require electric hand tools while others take longer than 3 hours. The best part is that you can remove the unwanted old make up and start afresh without the risk of complications.

Visit our website at: www.archangelsnyc.com for more information, or feel free to give us a call at (212) 913-9612!

635 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022