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10 Netflix Shows You Should Start Watching Right Now

Netflix originals are best TV shows released by Netflix. During the last few years, the team was busy preparing new stories which are worth attention of the most demanding watcher.

Ten Netflix Series You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Netflix has been busy creating and releasing best TV shows called ‘specials.’ Some of them are too cruel, other have nothing in common with comedy or even irony. The number of TV shows is worth watching because they cause a pleasant aftertaste of thoughtfulness and animated conversation.

Altered Carbon

The top of the best Netflix originals starts with Altered Carbon. The science fiction show takes place in 2384 which is 350 years from now. The idea implies storing memory in particular devices called slacks. Transferring the device into different bodies which are called ‘sleeves’ makes it possible to give an infinite life. The main character is a political operative who wakes up in a new sleeve after 250 years and decides to find a killer of a very famous person. The first few series are painful to watch, but all ten episodes are fulfilled with involving scenario.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is one of the most contradictive and at the same time honest, violent, brave, and stunning TV shows. Each episode tells a separate story with new characters.   It mostly discovers the human dependence from the modern technologies. At first sight, there is nothing in common between each story, but when watching it for the second or the third time, it is possible to notice elements which have been used in other episodes like music, newspaper titles, and other hardly noticeable elements. Often at college, teachers  give homework of writing essays on favorite TV shows so you can go to the site with report writing services click here. It’s save your time in future. If you haven’t seen the show yet, do it now. It is number one in the ‘to watch’ list.

Money Heist or La Casa de Papel

Money, fights, action, risk, all these words characterize La Casa de Papel which literally means ‘The Paper House.’ It is originally released in Spanish. It is the story about people who have nothing to lose. The group is going to bring to life an ambitious plan of heisting €2, 4 billion under control and leading by El Profesor. There is a lot of action, plans, strategic thinking and other exciting elements which are worth enjoying.

13 Reasons Why

The series would attract those who prefer drama and school spirit of adventure. It is based on a bestseller novel by Jay Asher. Brian Yorkey has adopted it to a Netflix show which has two seasons at the moment. Like any other teen drama, it touches social issues and is highly emotional and atmospheric.


It is a biographical crime drama of Pablo Escobar’s life. It has been set and filmed in Columbia. It tells the story of the lord’s interruption with other drug dealers, the Drug Enforcement Agency and other governmental representatives of Columbia. The show offers three seasons by far. The fourth one is going to be released during the year.

Te Crown

Another biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The story started in 1947. The series feature high quality writing, acting, and his production values. In fact, the production cost of the first season was reported $130 million which makes the Crown the most expensive and one of the best shows on Netflix ever created. Today it has two seasons, but it will be renewed with another two seasons.

Master of None

If you are looking for something funny, positive and romantic, which Netflix is usually not famous for, then you should definitely check out Master of None. It is a positive and light story about an Indian actor 30 years old guy in New York who is dating girls, having fun and enjoys life as far as it is possible. The TV-series has won three Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe. With all the positive sides it has, the show still has elements of drama.


Another good Netflix show tells the story of a dystopian future world where people are promised to have a better life, but only 3% will in fact succeed. Like any other show, it is highly emotional with thriller elements. It is the Portuguese language that makes it special and second non-English production. The second season is available on April 27, 2018.

Orange is the New Black

Many people will call it the best Netflix series. It has drama, comedy, violence, and psychological puzzles. The action takes place in a women prison and develops the line of their behavior and relationship. It is sometimes hard to watch but definitely worth it.

Alexa & Katie

Most Netflix shows associates with high tech, sci-fi, drama, thrillers, and other psychological series which influence unconsciousness. Alexa & Katie is an original sitcom which involves two best friends who are about to start their high school adventure. It is brand new first released on March 23, 2018. It is full of funny situations, friendship, love, support, and all the two best friends can only imagine.

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