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Woman Rescues Senior Shelter Dog So She Could Spend Her Last Hours Feeling Loved

Heather Hayes worked as a marketing manager at the Asheville Humane Society in North Carolina. Every day, she passed the kennel of a very old and sick Chihuahua, who was constantly hiding under the bed. But one day, when Hayes visited the kennel, the quivering dog started looking at her.

Heather decided to take the dying dog home just for one night, so she could feel safe and loved for the last hours of her life. But things didn’t happen as she was expecting. The dog was there the next morning and still is 4 years later.

Hayes and her husband named her Jay-Z. Life gave this girl with a boy name a completely new start. She instantly found a fresh footing with her new siblings, all of them rescued shelter dogs. Jay-Z also started to go on epic adventures with her new family. She camped, sailed, climbed, had picnics… and she is still around.

No one knows her exact age, although it’s surely somewhere around ancient. But it’s been more than four years since Jay-Z came at Heather’s home to spend just one night with this family. She was also a big inspiration for her mommy to rescue another 4 senior dogs. Now, Jay-Z has her pack of rescue Chihuahuas with special needs.

Let’s this old Chihuahua inspires you to adopt senior animals and give them a second chance in their golden years.

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