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This Woman Needed a Hiking Buddy. See What She Got!

There’s nothing better than enjoying hiking with your best friend, especially if your best hiking friend is a cute, little bunny named Sir Quincey. The tiny fur ball isn’t just an ordinary pet. The moment Sir Quincey puts on a harness, he turns into the best hiking partner.


“Finally, I found him! Sir Quincey Isenhopper.  After a week or so of wearing [the harness] Sir Quincey grew to love it because it meant he could play outside and go further than his fence,” explains Sir Quincey’s owner.

When they went on their first hiking trip together, the owner came prepared.


“I was able to pack his bowl, food and favorite toys.”

It seemed that the fur ball was really enjoying riding on his owner’s backpack and hiking.


“He hopped a little, but mostly wanted to ride on my backpack. I think he likes being able to see from up there. He gets excited when I bring his harness out and doesn’t fight it being put on”.

The lovely couple went on incredible adventures so far. They even saw beluga whales. Sir Quincey even tried to steal his owner’s bed. Of course the owner wasn’t mad. Who could be mad to this cute bunny?

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