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Weekly Horoscope 12.12 – 18.12

Aries (21.03-20.04)

aries Love

You’ll want to spice up your life this week. Thankfully, you can expect your partner to be completely on board for a little experimentation. On Friday, the Moon will move into your true love sector. Expect a weekend of pleasure, heartfelt romance and adventure. If you’re single, this will be a perfect time to get yourself out there and go on a date. At the very least, attend a party. Even if you don’t bring anyone home with you, it’ll be an unforgettable time.


This may be an upsetting week for you. You will lead a passionate life. There might be an unexpected outburst of outrage for no reason unknown. There is an extraordinary requirement for discretion and considerate conduct consistently. Positive outcomes in profession and money related life will enchant you.


You may be anxious this week.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)


You and your partner might be busy with financial matters this week which should tickle you pink. It’s quite possible that the two of you have been cooking up a scheme behind the scenes that will lead to a fantastic mutual profit. This week it’s time to take your plan to the next level. Expect top secret meetings and unexpected developments with this venture. Then, expect cash.


This may be a relaxing week in all respects. Positive communications about career and marriage are likely. You may discover new open doors or sources for profit. You may have few sudden business proposals from friends.


There might be wellbeing complexities like gastritis or urinary disease during this current week.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)


You and your partner will enjoy plenty of social fun early in the week. Another possibility is that you’ll reach for a shared aspiration together, and will both receive surprise news about this matter. It looks like an unanticipated twist will get you closer to your mutual dream! Then, a Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday will leave you emotionally open. Express your feelings to your partner without hesitation. Although you typically prefer to think before you feel, this week you’ll find it’s much easier to achieve emotional balance.


This may be an energetic week for you with full of positive energy. You will have positive views about prospects. You should be cautious about few distractions in your way. There will be encouraging news about your efficiency rating. You may have profits in business activities.


You may have indifferent health for this week.

Cancer (21.06-20.07)


You might not be in the mood for romance this week at all. In fact, you may prefer to take a gigantic time out from the world and go within. This Tuesday’s Full Moon in your 12th House of Privacy signals that spending time on your own is necessary in order to recharge your spiritual batteries. While you’re in seclusion, consider if you’re getting your communication needs met in your relationship. If not, address this as soon as possible.


This may be a strenuous week for you. Your impulsive nature will bring success. During this week you may bless with foreign assignments. Heavy expenditure may humiliate you. You will have grand success in career matters.


You will be in a great health.

Leo (21.07-21.08)


Your love life is anything but boring this week! On Monday, it’s possible that you and your sweetheart will reach for a new adventure together. This can be a physical adventure such as a daring new sport that you try, but it might also be a spiritual quest that takes an unusual but fulfilling turn. After Tuesday, your social life becomes extra fulfilling as well. Whether single or attached, spending time with friends promises extra pleasure.


This may be a profitable week for you and may result in speculative gains to some extent. You will have good control over systems and people at work location. There may be visits to different locations on duty. You will find success towards the south direction from the place of your residence.


You will be in a good health this week.

Virgo (21.08-22.09)


You and your partner might get exciting news this week about your domestic life. It’s possible that the two of you are considering taking the plunge together and purchasing a home of your own. If so, you might hear that your application for a mortgage has been approved, or that your offer on a home has been accepted. Another possibility is that you and your partner will spend time considering your long-term financial plan together. This will be time well spent.


This is a dynamic week for you. Venus in ascendant may attract you for lavish living. You may dream of your own house and conveyance. Expansion in a career is likely during this week. Sudden receipt of gifts or prizes may take place.


Your health will be moderate.

Libra (23.09-22.10)


Communication with your mate will be sparkling and filled with unexpected surprises this week. Fortunately, they will all be positive bombshells. The two of you might agree that you each want to do something to stimulate your love life in order to ensure that your relationship never gets stale. It looks like you’re on the same page about this, and as a result, it should be easy to decide how to achieve the excitement you’re both looking for. Yes!


This may be a lethargic week for you. Saturn and Rahu may make you slow in grasp and reactions. There might be ego issues with your superiors. New associations may happen in long journeys. You may make some careless expenditure towards the end of this current week.


You will be in a great health.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11)


Joint finances will be more of a focus for you and your partner. The two of you might be ready to begin sharing resources in a way that you haven’t up until now. This can mean anything from opening up a joint checking account to saving for a mutual goal such as a home or vacation. There’s also the possibility that one of your shared financial goals might be realized this week. You’ll both be thrilled.


This is a promising week for you and will give better control over situations at the office. Your displeasure with a partner will be settled for the current week. You enjoy work and give your best in occupation. There might be clearance for your foreign journey.


You health will be great.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12)


It’s all about your love life this week. On Tuesday, a Full Moon in your 7th House of Partnerships will most likely lead to an emotionally fulfilling time for you and your mate. The two of you might have a conversation that ultimately helps you to become more open about your feelings. Any fear you had about revealing your deeper self to your mate will fall by the wayside once you realize that this is the only way you’ll reach genuine intimacy.


This may be a promoting week for you. You will enjoy excellent growth in earnings. There may be optimistic changes in career after a long time and will improve the standard of working conditions. The people running their business might expand with the visionary viewpoint.


You may suffer from different health complications.

Capricorn (21.12-19.01)


Your partner might be instrumental this week when it comes to your health. He or she might help you implement a fitness or nutrition program, or might be the emotional support you need as you kick an unhealthy habit such as smoking. Another possibility is that you and your partner will spend time organizing your living space together this week. Interestingly, you’ll both find this to be a fun way to spend time together and bond.


This may be an irritable week for you and may not favor your growth in career. Financial pressure will have a negative impact on your execution. Relatives may demand more subsidies for meeting their necessities. You may have aggravated enmity with superiors or colleagues. You should better limit your words and spend more time in working.


Your health will be great.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)


Romantic fulfillment is within reach this week. On Tuesday, a glorious Full Moon in your true love sector might lead to you and someone special exchanging those very first heartfelt declarations of love. Another possibility is that you will meet someone new if you are single. This will be someone you feel you have an instant mental rapport with. You’ll be intrigued to learn everything you can about each other.


This may be a dynamic and positive combination that can boost your confidence week for you. You will effectively lead a gathering of individuals at the workplace. You will unleash your ability as a leader. There will be calm mood at home and office.


Health will be good.

Pisces (19.02-20.03)


One of your relatives might be a major help to you in terms of your love life this week. He or she might offer clarifying advice about a specific situation between you and your lover, or about your love life in general. Another possibility is that someone in your clan will act as a mediator for you and your sweetheart, helping the two of you through a difficult situation. By the end of the week you’ll be closer than ever.


This may be a testing week for you and may bring down your accumulated wealth. You may discover a great deal of unsettling influence to finish your exercises. Consumption may surpass income consistently this week.


You may have a headache.

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