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Using a Bath-Time and Bedtime Routine For Your Baby

Establishing a bath-time and bedtime routine can prove to be beneficial for both you and your baby. From the minute your child is born, sleep becomes a thing of the past. You will find yourself waking up all hours of the night for feeds and nappy changes. Once your child starts to feed less during the night introducing a nighttime routine can help them sleep better.

By helping your child to know the difference between night and day will help them understand the importance of sleep. Here is a simple routine that will help them get into sleeping through the night.

Get Rid Off Excess Energy

Every baby is energetic. They will reach an age where they just can’t get rid of the energy. Dance around the room, pop them in the baby walker and try your best to wear them out as much as possible. Use bouncers, baby swings or even go for a walk in the fresh air. The choice is yours! It doesn’t matter how excited your little one gets because they will calm down with a relaxing bath and massage.

Bath-Time Soak

Next comes the bath. Warmer water helps to relax your baby. Use lavender oil for relaxation. Spending fifteen to twenty minutes washing and playing in the water will use up any energy that is left! Bath-time is also a way to spend some quality time bonding with your baby. Always use a proper bathtub for your baby. Never leave them in the water alone as this could lead to serious accidents.

Getting Ready For Bed

The next part needs to be done quietly in a darker room. This will help your baby understand it is nighttime. Put on a diaper and get them into their pajamas. If you want to help your baby relax even more then try doing a gentle, relaxing massage. Brush their hair, brush their teeth and give them a quiet cuddle. Talk quietly to your child and help them understand that they now need to sleep! They will soon catch on!

Read a Bedtime Story

Having a feed and reading a bedtime story is another thing to merge into your routine. Try to do this in the room your baby sleeps in. Keep it quiet and gentle without over-exciting your child. By this time they should start to fall into the world of the sleeping. If a bedtime story isn’t your thing then sing a lullaby or play some slow, gentle music.

Say Goodnight

Place your child gently into their crib and give them a kiss. Say goodnight and gently stroke their face. This is actually proven to work with restless babies. You don’t have to stay with them until they fall asleep. Leaving them to fall to sleep on their own will help them understand it is bedtime. Leave the room slowly and gently. A lot of parents like to leave night lights on but it is also popular for parents to leave them in the dark. This helps them understand the difference between night and day. You should go with what is best for the both of you.

Wrap it Up and Pour Yourself A Glass of Wine

If you have made it safely out of the room then enjoy five minutes peace and quiet to yourself. Most parents take advantage of this moment with a glass of wine! If your baby wakes up during the night then don’t go turning on all the lights but go about feeding and settling your child gently and quietly. Enjoy this time you get away from your child. Take a bath yourself, pamper yourself or enjoy eating dinner in peace. Every parent needs five minutes to themselves.

While introducing a bath and bedtime routine to your child it is important you understand the hazards. Bathing your baby should be done in a baby bath tub. This provides support and comfort for you baby. Only use baby certified cosmetics to avoid any allergic reactions. If you start your routine then within short time, your baby will start sleeping through the night!

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