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Urgent Care for Back Pain Tips

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in your back after lifting some minor weight? We hope you haven’t. Nevertheless, we cannot predict future and are not insured against incidents. Besides, an improper sitting position or lifestyle during a long period of type can be the reason of a discomfort or hurt in the back. The exact cause of the pain can be determined only after a professional examination in a healthcare facility like Agurgent Care. But what can you do if a pain has caught you flat-footed? The following tips will help you feel better for a while.


A pack of ice or some cold item will be a good pain reliever in case of inflamed muscles. Cool the aching area for not more than 20 minutes to avoid any troubles related to the spinal bones.


This approach can be used in combination with the previous one. Unlike cooling, applying heat to the problem area is a healing process rather than pain killing one. However, it is designated for the damaged or hurt muscles only. For this reason, many ointments have a heating effect promoting the acceleration of a healing process.

Pain Reliever

As a rule, the medical drugs to relieve a backache are represented by balms and ointments. Nowadays, you may find numerous brands promising an immediate effect to get rid of the pain. We will not suggest any certain solutions but recommend drawing attention to the herbal-based products.


Ideally, a professional masseur can become a wizard that will make your backache disappear. Naturally, the effect will be temporary and the further consequences depend on the source of your problem. Moreover, what can you do if no massage therapist is available nearby?

Currently, you can find many electric massage gadgets that perform their major function namely relaxing your muscles. If you do not believe in electric massage, try some rubber rollers, which became quite popular recently. However, in this case, you will have to strain your body and perform the movements to achieve an effect.

Stretching Exercises

In fact, performing the stretching exercise or some yoga asana is a good way to avoid any back pains. Nevertheless, we are not talking about the preventive measure but about the actions to reduce sufferings from the pain in a back. It should be noted that the exercises differ depending on the area of the pain. For example, if your lower back hurts, double up legs and stretch your hands on the floor. The ache in the upper area of the back requires the so-called Dolphin Pose. You need to make a kind of triangle by lifting your thighs while the feet, head and the forearms remain on the floor.

As you understand, the above-mentioned tips will not bring a long-term effect on your health until you find out the reason your problems. If a backache is caused by the muscles issues, a good ointment and a couple of massage sessions will be a proper treatment. The issues associated with the spinal column require the intervention of a professional specialist and a specialized treatment. Check these inversion table reviews that can help you reduce the intensity of the pain.

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