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Top Essential Oils to Help With Hormone Levels

According to many doctors, one of the most common medical problems that affect both men and women is hormone imbalance. Companion to constant tiredness, mood swings, increase in weight, depression, inability to sleep and fertility problems, hormone imbalance can pose a risk to your health to the point some serious diseases can begin rearing their ugly heads. The diseases on this list can range from diabetes and osteoporosis to hypothyroidism and even cancer.

We don’t want that to happen to you, and there are, in fact, steps you can take to treat hormone imbalance; one of these steps is to try essential oils. Proven to have enhanced lives for thousands of years, essential oils offer a variety of benefits, from cosmetic and dietary to spiritual and religious. Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping and cold-pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they are sourced; any time you hold a bottle of powerful essential oils, you are said to hold “nature’s pure essence.”

Seven essential oils that could help in battling hormone level imbalance

Clary Sage Oil

Based on research and studies, clary sage oil, when inhaled, reduces the level of cortisol by a whopping 36-percent – additionally, it significantly improves thyroid hormone levels.

Thyme Oil

Recent research indicates that thyme essential oil, along with its potent, rich progesterone-balancing properties, will improve the production of progesterone, which is often low in both men and women.

Lavender Oil

This is the essential oil that boasts the most pleasing scent in the entire world of oils; it brings with it a myriad of beneficial qualities, too, such as the ability to put hormones into balance. Those who have inhaled this essential oil have reported feeling relieved from pain associated with menstrual cramps.

Sandalwood Oil

Responsible for so much more than balancing testosterone levels in both men and women, Sandalwood oil is used as a natural aphrodisiac that improves libido; if improving your hormonal levels is paramount, fusing sandalwood oil with your homemade deodorant or lotion is a great method.

Basil Oil

This essential oil does a fantastic job increasing the body’s natural response to both emotional and physical stress; a formidable amount of research has gone into examining the effects of basil oil on stress levels in both sexes.

Lemongrass Oil

According to a Dutch study, lemon peel compounds can improve liver function by lowering cholesterol and effectively regulating hormones.

Myrtle Oil

Statistics don’t lie: Some 20 million Americans are experiencing some type of thyroid disease; however, what’s most frightening is that 60-percent of them aren’t even aware that they suffer from it. According to studies, myrtle essential oil tackles this head-on by normalizing the hormonal imbalance of the thyroid; along with this, it’s capable of normalizing the ovaries, as well.

If you’re getting the overall feeling that essential oils should be used for hormone imbalance, you’ve picked up on the gist of this blog. In terms of how to actually use them, you can combine essential oil with coconut oil and rub the mixture on different parts of your body; you can add two drops of lavender oil, three drops of clary sage oil and a quarter cup of Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak in the tub to relieve PMS symptoms or you could mix two drops of lavender and two drops of clary sage oil to perform aromatherapy.

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