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Top 5 Free-Hand Exercises for Building Muscles

Have you ever thought of building body muscles without going to the gym? If not, it’s the right time for you to get started with the most effective free-hand exercises that can help you build muscles and keep you at high spirit. Can’t believe what you’ve just read? I couldn’t believe too at the very first sight that I don’t need to join an expensive gym to build muscles.

However, my doubt came to its end with these free-hand exercises guided by Buffedd. Why not try these when you don’t need to maintain tight gym schedule and spend your hard-earned money? Here are top 5 free-hand exercises for building muscle without using fancy equipment.

1. Walking or Running at Slow Pace

The very first exercise you can try to build muscles without fancy equipment is- Walking or Running! Yes, you don’t need to buy an expensive elliptical trainer machine or treadmill anymore. What you will need is- just a decent pair of running or walking shoes, and that’s it. The first and foremost thing you need to do to shape your body is- focusing on cardio workouts. Yes, you will notice a positive change within a few days for sure.

So, when are you taking out your favorite pair of walking shoes from the cabinet? Put them on, plug in headphones, and set out in the wide-open nature! Remember to start at a slow pace and then speed up gradually.

2. Push-ups

If you are unable to go for outdoor workouts due to uncertain reasons, like sudden wet weather or anything else, try push-ups within the four walls. You can also do a few rounds of push-ups reaching home after outdoor workouts every day. Push-ups can be considered as the best free-hand exercise for building chest, shoulders, triceps muscles and a strong core. All these things are very significant while you are planning to build body muscles without pressurizing on your body.

Push-ups can also be a great exercise to increase your overall fitness and stay healthy.

3. Cycling

If you love outgoing in nature as well as exploring new things around your locality, cycling can be an ideal, I bet. As we are not talking about sightseeing, let’s focus a bit on how cycling can contribute while you are planning to build muscles.

Cycling involves the lower portion of your body most, though it takes care of the upper portion as you place your hands on the handlebars, right? With each pedal, it increases the endurance and resistance of your leg muscles that are directly involved while cycling. It mainly targets quadriceps and hamstrings of the human body. You can also grab the health benefits of cycling while riding an indoor exercise bike, but riding in nature has certain advantages connected to both body and mind.

4. Crunches

Crunches are ideal for building strong core as well as toning the muscles in the mid-portion of the human body. Crunches also contribute a lot to burn stored fat in the abdominal area and tone up the muscles around it. It increases the strength of abdominal muscles and strengthens the core. Crunches can also help in building abs.

5. Triceps Dip

Triceps dip is another most effective free-hand exercise you can try for building muscles. With this particular workout, you can use your weight instead of using a dip machine. It can be regarded as one of the best workouts for building chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles. It strengthens the arms as well as helps in building lean muscle in the upper arms.

Along with these most effective free-hand exercises, you can also try other forms of exercises guided by experts at Buffedd for building muscles. Just get started with these free-hand workouts for a few days, and you will find a noticeable change without crazy workout session at the gym. Also, don’t forget to have a healthy diet and monitor your calorie intake during the exercise phase.

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