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Tips for a Peaceful Parenting

Parenting!! This job can be overwhelming to new parents as the experience and journey are just starting and what makes this harder is that while we are just starting to work on the bonding and forming a relationship with our young baby, the only way for them to communicate to us when they needed something is by crying.

This is even more difficult to the mothers because they have to go through the recovery and abstinence which can add their stress. Having to face a massive change in their lives, an ultimate support and understanding from fathers are crucial and important at this point.

But from my experiences let me tell you that getting to know a baby is less complicated than getting to know an adult we’ve just recently met. Babies obviously don’t know how to keep a secret even though they are unable to communicate with a proper language yet.

Of course it wouldn’t takes just a day or two to get to know our babies. The truth is it takes everyday day and night, our full attention, determination, and effort. The key is to recognize, understand, and see how our babies feedback are like to every efforts we tried in order to comfort and calm them down.

Here’s my personal tips for you:

Give them a gentle kiss on their forehead more often. Give them an opportunity to hold on to our fingers then gently rub and massage the back of their palm with our thumb. We can do this anywhere, anytime. It’s best to do this when we are putting our babies onto sleep, while walking, or when we are singing or humming for them.

Sleep with them. They are so young and they don’t know much about life yet. Don’t even think about teaching them to be independence before they learnt about trust and safety.

Physical contacts with our babies are very important but avoid over doing it at the same time because they do need to be on their own with constant supervision.


Keeping a baby healthy is a ‘must do’ task in order to keep a baby happy and comfortable. We don’t want our babies to get infected, to constantly be coughing, and have rushes that keep getting worse day by day.

Make sure their long and sharp fingernails are cut at least once a week. Clean their nose and ears using a baby cotton bud (But do these with extra care and caution). Make sure their diapers are always dry and if they had been sweating, change it even though it is still dry. Ensure their clothes are clean and germs free. You can use specialized baby detergent powder and your family washer and dryer to wash their clothes.

Bath them!

Clean and sterilize toys before giving it to them because objects will always end up in their mouth. Provide them a clean home, environment, air, etc.

Encourage our family members to have their hands clean before taking or playing with our babies. Be brave to stop a stranger from touching our babies if we feel uncomfortable with it because we never know what they’ve done with their hands before. This may sounds mean but when our babies get sick, who is going to be responsible? the parents, right?

And most of all, be a clean and healthy parents!


There is not many other specific ways to love our babies other than doing all of the things listed above.

But be their teachers: teach them about life, animals, plants, friends, and anything we can think of no matter how young they are. Offer them a right guidance (that this life is not all about laughing, playing, and partying at the end of the day).

Whether they understand it and know how to reply us back tell them that we love them by saying ‘I Love You’ everyday.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any thought and feedback on this article please write your comment below and do share if you find this helpful. Thanks in advance!

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