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Tips For Finding Perfect Pearl Necklace

There are some things that are still considered part of a rite of passage as a girl grows into a young woman. Getting the first pearl necklace that will eventually become one of a group of pearl necklaces is one of those important rites. A pearl necklace adds elegance, style, and a signature looks to any outfit. There are necklaces that will highlight a casual outfit and other pearls that complement and enhance evening attire. The method for creating pearls for necklaces has remained the same as for the last hundred years creating a classic and timeless style.

Pearl farms are found in fresh water and salt water areas where the mollusks spend months and years creating the pearls that become perfect necklaces. While looking at pearls rarely will reveal they are the true value, the cost of pearls varies greatly. The least expensive cultured freshwater pearl is used in making many of the necklaces that are sold on a mass scale to people.

The kind of necklace you choose will be depending on many variables. Personal taste, the length of pearls you are comfortable with, what type of clothing you wear most often, and what you want your signature statement to be when wearing the pearls will all be considerations when choosing your necklace. It is important to take the time to find the perfect style, color, and size of pearls that best fit your personality.

The shape of the pearls that you select of your necklace is important. All pearls are not created equally and you can make a marvelous statement with the right choice in shape and style. Growing in popularity, the baroque pearl is often used as a solitary pearl on a chain. This pearl is very unique, iridescent with the luster of the pearl, it is often found in an irregular shape that has unique markings. Since it cannot be duplicated, it is used as a solitary piece. The pearls are found in the same array of colors as regular pearls but give you a unique look for casual wear.

Button pearls are slightly flat on one or both sides. These pearls are great for earrings and pendants. But, they also are marvelous for necklaces that you want to wear flat against your neck. The pearls most often found in traditional strands are round and semi-round. These pearls are grown for their perfect size and shape and mollusks are carefully kept in groups that will become the strand of pearls for the necklace you will wear.

Drops, pear, and oval pearls are often used in a solitary setting or as part of a gemstone necklace. They provide a beautiful compliment when made into earrings to match a necklace.

The popular colors of pearl necklaces continue to be creamy white rose and creamy white. But, many people are finding that the beautiful black pearls make a beautiful complement to evening attire. These pearls are rare and usually very expensive but maintain their beauty for life. Dyes are now introduced into mollusks while pearls are forming which creates a beautiful array of pastels and silver pearls that are being used for unique and fashionable necklaces.

Choosing one’s first set of pearls is an adventure. As you learn more about pearls and come to admire their beauty, you will soon find that one necklace is not enough. Starting with a beautiful and delicate collar necklace which can be worn with casual or formal attire is a great beginning necklace. These necklaces hug the neck and are three to five strands of pearls that are held with a box clasp.

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