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How to Tan Indoors Safely – Sun Bed Tanning Safety Tips

Whether you are in search of some extra techniques for indoor tanning or are not already familiar with commercial sun tanning beds, then this article is for you. Regardless of the season and how much sun is out there, indoor sun tanning is always a fun, quick and relatively safe method to get yourself a great bronzed look. So if you have decided to give it the first try, read on to find some informative tips regarding your safety and protection.

Search for a free or low-cost trial first

Often you can find local salons along with sun tanning beds that provide discount codes or special offers in mailers and market receipts to promote their business. For your very first time, we recommend taking advantage of these types of free or low-cost offers to obtain a feel for the sun tanning. The employee behind the counter of the salon can provide you with much better information and deals regarding the use of their sun tanning bed. Some salons even provide a free sun tanning lotion.  Ensure the owner has adequate salon insurance for any accidents that do sometimes happen inside tanning salons.  Once you are confident with the result of a particular salon, work the salon employee for a specific offer you are interested in for further tans.

How much time should you spend in the tanning bed?

Most newbies have a common but important question in their mind, how much time should they spend in the tanning bed? The best way to get through this situation is to talk with saloon employee as he or she better knows about their equipment and thus able to advise you an excellent starting variety. In a natural setting, we suggest you start with 10 or so minutes. If you are not a regular user, going beyond 15 minutes could lead to severe burns and injuries. If you start to feel some kind of stinging or altered sensations, immediately stop the process and contact employee for better wavelength or frequency adjustment.

Run tanning booth safely

If precautionary measures are not well enough, indoor tanning could be as harmful as outdoor sun tanning.  You should make your best decision on deciding the quantity of wavelength, frequency and time session to carry on staining. Remember, inside tanning booths only emit alpha ultraviolet rays (UVA), so it is better to learn how to use tanning booth safely. Staying inside the tanning booth could be harmful, so restrict your session into half of the time or less.

Protect your most sensitive body parts – Eyes

The skin on the eyelids is most fragile and delicate part of the face, so it is too thin to provide effective barrier and protection against damaging UV rays. You should keep your eyes closed and covered with sun tanning protective cream. Most salons offer some eye protection either in the form of a cream, lotion or sunglasses, so be sure to take benefit of this. You should never rely on the tiny eye protectors that many users own rather we recommend you use FDA approved sunglasses that provide more effective protection.

Cover the nipples and genitalia

Nipples and genitalia are the parts of the body usually not exposed to the sun so the covering skin is highly sensitive and prone to burning. Minimizing UV exposure by either covering the parts or using sunscreen will eventually decrease the risk of burns and other adverse effects.

Breast cancer is currently the 4th leading cause of death in developed countries and one of its high predisposing factors is excessive ultraviolet exposure (tanning beds). Inside tanning is found to be more dangerous due to lack of vitamin-D-producing UVB rays.

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