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A Step By Step Guide for the Beginners to Tune Ukulele

The jovial sound, as well as simplicity, makes ukulele an excellent choice for the learners of at any level. Before you set out your musical journey, you will sure to wish to own a ukulele so that you can practice it whenever you want. Fortunately, ukuleles are available in different price range. So it is very easy to choose one for you.

So you bought a Ukulele and are ready to begin learning. To help you out with the best guide from ukulele buzz to have a solid start, here is step by step guide for the beginners to tune the ukulele.

Seize your Ukulele and have a go. When you start, first it is the tuning that is very important. Here you will have a complete guide to tune ukulele. Tuning is a very difficult thing, especially for the beginners.

How to tune a ukulele

Tuning of a stringed instrument is very difficult matter. The tuning transforms an instrument into a standard mechanism. If you don’t have enough information about the way to tuning this great instrument, you will end up with frustration.

Here you will learn how to tune ukulele:

The strings of the Ukulele are tuned differently. They are pitched in different ways. Get hold of the neck of the Ukulele with the left hand and grasp the frame in the right hand. The strings from top to bottom are tunes as G-C-E-A.

The pegs control the tension of the strings when they are tightened higher to lower pitch as required.  The use of piano, tuner, pitch pipe or any other instruments helps generate accurate pitch.

Tuning of Ukulele with Piano

The use of G4, C4, E4, and A4 is now considered to be the standard tuning for Ukulele. It represents the octave on the Piano

Today, most of the books and videos you will find use G4, C4, E4, A4 as the standard Ukulele tuning. The fours behind the letters represent the octave that you will find on the piano. Get a Piano to tune your Ukulele. C4 is the middle of Piano.

If you aim to match mid C, then match E and An above the mid C, respectively. Here you will have a standard tuning for your Ukulele.

Tuning of Ukulele with Tuner

In case, you have no Piano, what you need to do is tune it with a tuner. Get a chromatic tuner. There are varieties of tuners available at reasonable prices.

If you managed to get this, it would enable you to tune any note.  What a regular guitar failed to do, can be done by chromatic tuner very easily. It can tune all E-A-D-G-B-E including C.

Tuning of Ukulele with Pitch Pipe

Pitch pipe is inexpensive and is available in almost every music stores. Sometimes a few shops give the pipe free of cost with the purchase of Ukulele. There is an extensive range of pitch pipes.

They are all made matching with the specific instrument. Ukulele specific set of pitches needs tuning of G4-C4-E4-A4. But you can buy more generalized pitch pipe built with chromatic scale if you like.

If you wish to use pitch pipes for tuning, you need to blow into the right end marked with the letter that is to be sounded. The pitch pipe vibrates the metal reed that creates the accurate note.

Adjust the tuning pegs of your Ukulele while blowing on the pitch pipe. The loosening of the string leads lower pitch, and tightening of the string takes the pitch higher.

Enjoy your Ukulele with good tuning.  As you proceed through different ukulele lessons, you will learn a different technique to attain other sounds by strumming the chord of your own Ukulele.

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