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This Sick Dog Celebrates Christmas Earlier With His Family For the Last Time

Scooby lived a long and amazing life full with love and care thanks to his family. He enjoyed every single moment with them, and he especially loved the winter holidays.


As Scooby got older, his health got worse. When he turned 16, he couldn’t walk anymore. He was completely blind and deaf and his family knew that their loving dog was nearing the end.

Knowing that their old friend wasn’t going to make it through the upcoming holidays, his family and friends decided to have Christmas earlier this year, so he could enjoyed for the last time.


The entire house was decorated, there were presents, cake, Christmas music and of course, the gorgeous Christmas tree. Scooby stayed by their sides the whole time, and even got to wear some of the decorations. When Scooby’s final Christmas had come to an end, the whole family said goodbye before he was taken to the vet to be put to sleep.

His last moments were filled with love and joy, as it was his whole life.

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