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Shocking: This Mother Threw Her Baby in the Toilet to Save Her Life

Jessica Arrendale was just like any other new mother. She had big dreams about her family and her 6-month old baby, but none of her dreams included this terrible drama.

One early morning, her boyfriend Antoine Davis became extremely violent and Jessica got afraid that he might kill her and their baby.


Unfortunately, Jessica got beaten with a baseball bat and shot in the head. After receiving reports of gunshots, the police arrived at the scene to find Antoine had killed himself and Jessica’s body slumped over the toilet.

The police checked the crime scene and looked at the toilet only to see something shocking. Jessica’s 6-month old baby girl was in the toilet, alive.

According investigators, Jessica hid her baby daughter to save her from the drunk and violent father in the final moments. After she was shot in the head, she managed to drop the baby in the toilet and shielded her with her body. It was a true miracle that the baby girl was found alive.

The baby suffered traumatic head injury, from the baseball bat that Davis used to beat the mother.


Teresa Ionniello, Jessica’s mom thinks that Antoine wanted to kill both Jessica and their daughter, but he couldn’t see the baby since it was hidden by Jessica’s body.

“She was the hero,” said Teresa,“because her last breath was saving the child.”

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