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Punished the Most Horrific Way: His Owner Boiled Him Alive Because He Chewed on His Phone

WARNING: Graphic images and video

The adorable Tuffy was tortured the most horrific way just for chewing on his owner’s phone. His owner tossed him in hot, boiling water and then threw him from the 4th floor. Tuffy was helplessly lying on the streets of Chengdu in southwest China’s province when an animal lover found him.


Tuffy was only 6 months old when he was on the verge of death. The designer Yan Yingying found burnt and boiled Tuffy on the streets and took him immediately to the “Animals Asia” vets. Dr. Emily Drayton was the vet that took care of Tuffy.


“I’m sure that many people saw Tuffy lying on the street, but they probably decided to keep on walking. Luckily for him, Jan was not one of those people. She rushed Tuffy to the vet and paid for his treatments. As a vet, I’ve seen many dogs that have been injured by their cruel owners but I’ve never seen anything like this. I was completely shocked when I saw him. I couldn’t stop crying. I’ve never seen a dog experiencing that much pain in my life,” said Dr. Emily.


Tuffy was in terrible pain for more than 2 weeks and his recovery was pretty slow. He needed to undergo skin transplantation and it was difficult getting him on the operating table.

A few months later, Tuffy was feeling a lot better.

“Tuffy is enjoying life more than any other dogs I’ve seen. Nothing can stop him. Tuffy is a true fighter,” says Emily.

The woman who first took Tuffy under her wing, Yan Yingying, is now his forever owner.

Punished-the-Most-Horrific-Way-His-Owner-Boiled-Him-Alive-Because-He-Chewed-on-His-Phone-4 Punished-the-Most-Horrific-Way-His-Owner-Boiled-Him-Alive-Because-He-Chewed-on-His-Phone-5 Punished-the-Most-Horrific-Way-His-Owner-Boiled-Him-Alive-Because-He-Chewed-on-His-Phone-6

Graphic Video: Look how Tuffy looked when it was found, and how happily lives now:


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