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A Photographer Documents Intimate Moments of Love Couples

Meet Natalia Mindru. She’s a Bucharest-based photographer that captures the unabashed, raw love between couples. Her new love series is called “Urban Love Story” and it’s her ode to kept secrets, stolen kisses and the unspoken words shared by lovers.

Natalia finds the couples on social media. She knows nothing about them when she gets into their home. She allows the couple to act as they’re alone and like no one is there watching over their tender, playful and natural attraction. The photo session lasts around 2 hours and during that time Natalia gets to know more about the couple and their love. Natalia’s subject often don’t know that their picture is being taken and those pictures are the best.
Natalia started her photo project one year ago and her goal is to show that love doesn’t judge and accepts any religion, color.

The first volume of “Urban Love Stories” will be released in December. Natalia encourages people in love to contact her on social media and to become a part of her project that glorifies love.

A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-1 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-2 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-3 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-4 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-5 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-6 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-7 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-8 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-9 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-10 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-11 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-12 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-13 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-14 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-15 A-Photographer-Documents-Intimate-Moments-of-Love-Couples-16

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