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Pensioner Rescues Injured Cat From a Railway Line Shortly Before the Train Passes Through

The 68 old man, Brian Ridgeway rescued a badly injured cat from a Stockport railway line in UK shortly before the train passed through.

Although it is forbidden and very dangerous for passengers to cross the platform at that time, this brave man just couldn’t live the cat behind. He went very quickly onto the tracks and managed to save the injured feline.

Brian noticed that the cat had a collar with the details of her owner. That’s how they contacted the owner who quickly came to take the cat.

“I could see the cat was badly injured. I just wanted to get it off the track, I didn’t like to see it like that. I wouldn’t like it if it was my cat.” said Brian.

This man is a real hero who had definetely put his life on risk just to save the poor kitty.

Source: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

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