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Nutrisystem Success Story: How Sharon Lost 100 Lbs

Meet Sharon Zmyewski, a Nutrisystem success story that can inspire many of you who are trying to lose unnecessary weight. Sharon is 52 years old and she lost more than 100lb. How did she do it? With the help of a proven weight management program, she practiced portion control—eating small meals 6 times a day. But let’s take the story from the beginning:


Photo: Sharon before and after losing 106 lb

Living as an overweight person is not only associated with dissatisfaction but also stress and fear. For Sharon Zmyewski it was no different and she hated herself every time she looked into the mirror knowing well that all she was doing was gaining weight. At 265 lb, she felt miserable, and she even dreaded what women love most; shopping. She did not want to go shopping because she knew only a bigger size would fit her this time.

All these however changed when Sharon decided enough was enough and she needed to lose all the weight. Propelled by the memories of her mom who passed on at the age of 50 due to ovarian cancer which the doctor associated with the increased weight she had, she embarked on a quest to lose weight before her own 50th birthday. With only 8 months left before her set deadline, Sharon had a lot of work to do and could not find anything better than Nutrisystem to help her out.

As a mother to two teenage boys, a wife and a bank manager, Sharon had to find a weight loss program that suits her busy lifestyle. Well, one day she watched the Nutrisystem commercial on TV. The program was endorsed by Marie Osmond who had a lifelong weight struggle but found success with Nutrisystem.

All Sharon had to do was to join the program. She received prepared meals that helped her feel satisfied while losing weight fast. Her success was impressive. Within 13 months she was at her target weight which she achieved by losing 2 pounds a week. Shedding 106 pounds within this period saw Sharon become more jovial and happy with life having just one regret; not having begun the program sooner.

The bottom line however is that Sharon is very happy with her new life at her current age of 52 and is enjoying living better without much of a hassle. She can now climb up the stairs without much of a struggle and is more confident than ever of herself thanks to Nutrisystem diet.

Those who are wondering how Nutrisystem food tastes, watch the following video where Sharon is trying the thin mint and coconut Nutrisystem bars.

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