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New Hair Trend Alert: Neon Peach Hair Prefect for This Summer

Spotting one all-over color is pretty unusual in the field of colorful unicorns. Neon peach hair is glowing up on Instagram and you’ll feel like you need sunglasses to stare at it forever. Jessica Jewel, a hairstylist from LA has created an extra bright neon peach color and the followers on Instagram are loving it. One photo of this hair trend has gotten more than 20.000 likes on Instagram!

The unique thing about this vibrant look is Pulp Riot’s Neon Electric dye collection dyes which made a recent appearance in ocean hair, rainbow look etc. Jessica used two shades- Lava (electric orange) and Candy (hot pink) to create this vibrant and unique color.

The Pulp Riot collection is only sold in certified salons which means that you have to make an appointment with a professional to get this trendy look.

Check out this incredibly hot trend! Can you rock this look?

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