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Maybe it’s Him, Not You – Sperm Fertility

I’ve heard this story countless times. A couple who is trying to conceive can’t, and as a result they turn against each other. The guy blames the girl, because, well, it’s obvious that it is her fault, and the girl starts to feel guilty. Figuring that there is nothing they can do, they go to seek professional help to aid the women yin conceiving. However, after conducting a couple of test and some more stress, they find out that there is nothing wrong with the women after all.

When plans don’t work out the way we want them to and frustration sets in, blame start to turn its ugly head, and for some reason, it usually is always directed at the women in these situations. Personally, I believe it has something to do with the fact that the women take on the immense responsibility for bearing and birthing the child, so if there are any complications prior to that it is put on them. Yet, believe it or not, the chances for a man to be infertile is just as likely as a women. When there is a case of an infertility issue, either the man or woman is to blame ⅓ of the time, with the other third attributed to unknown complications provided by both. So, women, if you hear that it’s your fault remember that maybe it isn’t you, it’s him.

Of course, things aren’t always so black and white for men when it comes to being infertile. There are, in fact, several steps men can take to up their sperm count to make them more fertile. Compiled is a list of some of the most common issues men face when they’re the reason they can’t conceive and what they can do about it to fix their problem.

As a man, here are the numbers when it comes to sperm count and what is healthy and will deem you as being either fertile or infertile. The number of sperm produced by a man can range from as little as 0 and can be be as large as 150 million! In regards to conception consider these facts:

  • When sperm count is around 20 million/mL or more natural conception shouldn’t be a problem on the male’s end
  • Around 15 million/mL expect that natural conception is still feasible, however medical assistance may be required
  • If sperm count is below 15 million/mL, conception may most likely require some sort of medical assistance to quickly and efficiently conceive

If you or your partner falls into the less than 15 million/mL category consider making these small adjustments.

  • Stop smoking cigarettes, drinking heavily, and/or doing drugs
  • Opt for organic food instead of foods that may have been sprayed with pesticides
  • When storing food, avoid plastic food storage containers.
  • Eat healthy organic foods such as green vegetables, raw pumpkin seeds, and tomatoes
  • Start exercising periodically during the week, about 3-5 times for around 30-45 minutes
  • Do not place hot items, such as a laptop, on the groin area

It is important that you and your partner check to see if either of you are infertile. Instead of waiting for frustration and finger pointing to begin, try taking the proactive approach. For the man they can start out by taking an at home sperm test kit to see if they are infertile to avoid long waits and get instant results. However, if problems persist, even after an initial test one should go and consult their doctor.

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