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Makeup Lesson: How To Apply Color Correction Makeup

The mysterious green, pink, yellow and peach tubes might look intimidating at first but they’re actually genius! Color correcting makeup is really great because it will help you cover all the small imperfections on your skin, making your skin look natural and flawless. The color correction is the best tool for making your complexion perfect without having to wear tons of makeup.

Here’s how to cover dark circles, dark spots, redness and dullness using color corrector.


Dark Circles

Step #1

Neutralize the dark color under your eyes with color corrector.
– Fair skin- use pink corrector
– Light to medium skin- use peach corrector
– Tan to dark skin- use orange corrector
– Deep skin- use red corrector

Step #2

Use an eye primer on your eyelids to cover the discoloration.

Step #3

Finish with applying creamy concealer over the color corrector.


Step #1

Grab the green color corrector and apply it on the red areas on your face.
– For all over intense redness- use  green primer
– For spots of intense redness- use targeted green corrector
– For spots of mild redness- use targeted yellow corrector

Step #2

Apply your foundation over the corrector.


Step #1

Use purple, pink, or blue primer if your skin is dull. These color correctors will make your skin brighter.
– Light skin- use pink corrector
– Medium skin- use purple or blue corrector
– Dark skin- use golden or caramel corrector

Step #2 (Optional)

Add a bit of pink correcting fluid on the inner corner to make your eyes even brighter.

Dark Spots

Step #1

Use the color corrector to even out hyperpigmentation, discoloration and melasma.
– Light skin- use pink corrector
– Medium skin- use peach corrector
– Dark skin- use orange corrector

Step #2

Apply your foundation on top of the corrector. Set everything with powder.

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