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Makeup 101: 10 Steps to Get the Perfect Eyebrows

Every single woman dreams of having the perfect eyebrow shape. Some are born with the perfect ones and others use makeup to get the shape of their dreams. Unfortunately, if you’re a beginner, it’s hard to make your eyebrows look perfect!

Luckily, these amazing tricks will help you perfectly shape your eyebrows!

1. Comb your brows with a small, brow brush.


2. Follow the natural shape of your brows while you’re combing them.


3. Use a tweezers to get rid of the small hairs that ruin your eyebrow shape.


4. Use a brow pencil to draw lines beneath and above the brows.


5. Smudge the lines with a brush to prevent your brows from looking unnatural.


6. Use a brow pencil that’s the same color as your brows to fill in the gaps inside your brows.


7. Use a beige eye pencil to draw lines underneath and above your eyes. Make sure those lines follow the natural shape of your brows.


8. Smudge those lines with a brush.


9. Apply some brow gel to fixate your perfect brows and to make them shinier.


10. Great job! You’ve created a perfectly shaped eyebrows!


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