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What Makes Canopy Beds Right For All Ages?

Canopy beds or four post beds have remained the choice of royals from ancient times and these beds are still considered to be pricy furniture because of their looks and functionality. Canopy beds make the perfect piece of furniture for homes that seek royal touch, however these beds are now gaining more popularity amongst modern interiors as well!


There are many stories doing rounds about canopy beds and their origin. It is generally perceived that the canopy beds were used to avoid insect bites, rodents, and mosquitoes. This may be one of the reasons for building canopy beds, but now the reason for using canopy beds is more about the looks and privacy than to keep the insects away. These beds come in different designs and the main attraction still remains the canopy offering you the private space.

Kids are usually fascinated about the canopy beds and they also take pride in owning the one. Yet if the functionality of these beds are taken into account then they also make the perfect sleeping choice for all age groups. Canopy covers the bed from all sides. You can select from transparent to solid colored canopies that provide you with the space of your own. Privacy is the need of everyone, hence it would be wrong to tag the canopy beds just for kids or girls. This bed stands good for the couples who would like to have cozy and comfortable bed where they can cuddle up. Even men who are quite skeptical whether canopy bed would fit their bachelorhood may try using one as it will work as their private space where they can just be themselves.

New Canopy New Look

Canopy beds can be given a new look anytime by replacing the canopy. You can keep canopies for different moods. Changing the canopy would change the mood of the room and it would be the best way to customize your room d├ęcor according to your mood. Canopies would also help in personalizing your bed as you can select the canopy having color and print of your choice to make your bed reflect your style.

Privacy with open doors

No need to close the room door anymore to enjoy your privacy as canopy bed will offer you privacy even with open doors. You can also combine transparent and solid fabric together to enjoy the privacy without being locked under your own privacy.

Keeps the insects and mosquitoes away

Yes, it cannot be the reason to buy canopy bed, however your canopy will serve this purpose as well. You can select the canopy in the form of mosquito net or rich satin depending on your liking, but whatever design you select may keep the insects away.

Things to consider while buying the canopy bed

Canopy bed is good and comes with many advantages, but you may consider following few things to ensure that you make the right buying decision.

  • If your room size is small then avoid canopy bed as it will take lot of visual space. Canopy bed is good only when there is at least 3 feet space around the bed.
  • For smaller sized rooms, select transparent fabric for canopy to let the light pass through.
  • Thicker canopy fabric is good only for colder seasons. So, if you like to flaunt velvet on your canopy bed then do it in winters, whereas in summers use the lighter fabric for air circulation.

Canopy beds are fun-filled, romantic, and adventurous, provided you have canopy for every occasion. Make your bed a style statement without spending a fortune!

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