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Here’s How To Keep Your House Cool During The Hottest Summer Days

When the temperature shoots up outside, what you do is crank up the air-conditioner or park yourself in front a fan. However, tricks to keep yourself calm and cool during the hot summer days do not end here. There’s more to the story, but the wisest of all is to keep the house cool and wintry. And, to make it possible, all you have to do is choke the sun from shining into your dwelling, which further curtails your indoor electricity consumption.

Here is what you should do:


1. The Blinds Play A Great Role

You should keep the blinds closed during the mid-day, when the sun scorches above your head. You might have let it go unnoticed, but 30% of your unwanted indoor heat comes in through windows. Now, if you can utilise your window blinds, shades and curtains wisely, you will save 7-10% on your electric bill by submerging the indoor temperatures by up to 15-20 degrees. What’s more, by practicing this, you can save your home from turning into a small-scale greenhouse as well but only, if your windows are south and west facing.

2. Doors Also Make A Good Deal Of Contribution

Shutting off rooms during the hottest part of the day is a wise move. What it does is prevent the hot air from permeating your indoors, letting it capitalize on chilly night hours, but to ensure that it does the same, you have to open it back once the sun goes down with its blaze.

3. Do Not Over Use Air-Conditioning System

Air-conditioner is not the only rescue when the heat shoots up outside. You can keep things more inexpensive just by applying this trick – position a bowl full of ice right in front of a large fan and let the air spread out into your indoor spaces through this.

This might sound mythical or groundless, but this works up to a standard percentage.

4. Get Rid Of The Winter Sheets

Swapping your bedsheets also makes a good deal of contribution to comfort your stay during summer. Just like fleece and flannel kept you nice and warm during winter, cotton is going to help you during summer. Cotton is a breathable fabric, which further helps your body keep calm and cooler. If I am asked to advise, I would suggest you to go shop a couple of buckwheat pillows since buckwheat hulls do have air space between them, which helps you stay cool.

…As you can see, big effects of life lie in little things.

6. Your Body Temperature Has A Great Effect

Sometimes, check on your body temperature if you keep feeling hot while your other family members are keeping calm. Know that if your ancestors had lived quite a healthy life without an air-conditioner (except for the fact – air pollution), which is today’s major contributor of global warming, it’s possible in your case, too. Overstraining yourself by working out at gym or in office causes anxiety, which in time boosts your body temperature drastically. What you should do is consume a lot of water, wear cotton fabrics and rest and rest a lot.

7. Tint Your Windows

This is what a majority of your contemporaries applying these days. Window tinting has proved to be a major contributor as far as natural house cooling is concerned. This in time saves on your electric bills quite massively by curtailing the need of air-conditioning or fan. Moreover, window tinting offers you privacy during the daytime and at the night as well. So, make sure to pick the best window tint Melbourne-based service.

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