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Here’s What The Most Beautiful Man and Woman Look Like According to Science

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but people have some universal preferences when finding another person attractive. For instance, muscular and tall men are considered more attractive and women with tiny waists, big eyes, full lips and breasts are also more attractive to the opposite sex.


The most beautiful people look like these according to science

Dr. Chris Solomon, an academic from the University of Kent decided to find out what’s “ideal beauty”. Doctor Solomon used technology to design 100 different facial profiles based on surveys that asked people to explain what are the most attractive features in a person. Those people were later asked to rate the 100 profiles.

The results showed that the ideal woman has the face of Natalie Portman or Emma Stone with thick eyebrows, lush lips and heart-shaped head. The ideal male has a rustic stubble, strong jawline and dark hair.

Solomon says that his study shows interesting results about what Brits consider to be ideal beauty. The two chosen samples were both white and Caucasian.

“It’s important to note that these are the idealized faces according to those living in the UK, so a study in Asia or Africa, for example, would no doubt have different results,” Solomon said.

Physical attraction varies across human cultures and it’s really complicated. On the other hand, some things are universal: for example, women prefer men taller than they are with masculine features. Men look for women shorter than they are, with full lips, large breasts and symmetrical faces. Scientifically, we look for people whose features will give us attractive, healthy and strong children.

To get a more diverse and realistic view on beauty, take a look at the photo series called “The Atlas of Beauty” showing how women look on all continents.


Tibetan Plateau, China




Colombian woman in Ecuador



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