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Here is What Happens When You Leave Your Kids Home Alone

Silence is gold. Well, unless you have a toddler at home, in that case silence means trouble. These pictures are all about it and they’re hilarious. These little angels are capable of nearly everything when they’re left alone. If they can do these crazy stuff for 2 seconds, imagine what would they do if they’re left alone for 10 minutes?

Have your kids ever surprised you this way? If so, please share your photos with us!

The worst scenario

Let me explain you!

A destructive toddler left home alone for just 30 seconds

Never leave jam unattended

This can happen if you leave your kids alone with the dog

When you lose track of your toddler for just 2 seconds

Love you Mom & Dad!

My niece was left alone with my dog for 20 minutes

It’s time for a bath

My daughter was very quiet for 20 minutes

Doing some creative work

We hope they aren’t real money


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