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What Happens When You Don’t Remove Your Makeup Every Night?

So ladies, how often do you find yourself going to bed without thoroughly washing your face? We all hate to admit it, but it happens, sometimes all too often. It could be that we are just too tired after a long day, or, could it be, us not wanting to face your partner or others with all imperfections bared and laid out in the open for all to see?!  Even if it’s just your friends or family, it can be a challenge to go without makeup in the evenings to give our skin the break it needs and craves to be healthy and radiant. Here’s some problems and solutions that can arise from this reality.


Lashes and Brows:

Does going without Mascara, or even worse, eyelash extensions leave you feeling like sporting your sunglasses well into the night? Wearing even a thin coat of Mascara daily, especially waterproof mascara (that never really washes off) can lead to damaged, broken lashes. Many women find that in their thirties, their once long, lush lashes are sparse after years of “abuse.” Combine that with the eye irritation that occurs when you sleep with makeup on, the result can be futile for youthful looking eyes. Brow liner can clog pores, resulting in sparser eyebrows and possible breakouts. So, what’s a girl to do? TRY THIS! Use an oil based makeup remover to fully remove eye make-up before bed, then, apply an Eyelash Conditioner. The botanical oils will wet your lashes, leaving a more visible lash line. This Eyelash and Brow Conditioner not only helps condition and repair the health and thickness of your lashes, it has Saw Palmetto, which promotes new lash and brow growth! Once the lashes and brows have your desired growth, consider dying your brows if you have blond or “invisible” brows. It won’t give you the same effect as wearing makeup of course but it’s a way to combat the effects of long-term makeup wear, as well as help you feel more comfortable while giving your eyes a break from makeup!

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Skin Health and Appearance:

Foundation and Primer is a girl’s best friend; covering sun-spots, age-spots, scars, fine lines, splotchy untoned skin and even providing sun and pollutant-protection throughout the day. Without it we can literally feel naked! But the best preforming foundations that so glamorously smooth us over with sun-kissed perfection, are often the most harmful to wear for extended periods of time, and can leave our skin screaming for oxygen. Even one night’s damage can be seen written as dull, crepey, and acne ridden skin, and added years can quickly be the price paid for all-night-long coverage. So, what’s the answer? TRY THIS! Remove your foundation with a hydrating cleanser (If it’s a night away from home, bring with wet makeup remover disposable towelette). Then apply a nourishing skin cream that is non-acnegenic and won’t clog your pores that will work synergistically with your skin to provide a tinted, toned effect while moisturizing, lifting, tightening and instantly tone your skin with a beautiful tinted natural glow. Ladies, meet your new best friend. You will walk out of the bathroom with a beaming confidence rather than running for the covers and calling “lights out!”

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In Conclusion: Lets Be Real Ladies, we all know we are much nicer, and just better people as a whole, when we feel beautiful! So don’t depend on covering up your so-called “flaws” in order to feel comfortable with who you see in the mirror. Try to capture and enhance your natural beauty, and we ALL have it! So, don’t think you don’t! Remember, we see flaws in our self that most others most likely never see! So be kind to yourself! Focus on your positive features and invest in products that can help with any “quarks” we feel may affect our self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves, because that my friends, is everything.

Here’s some other common issues paired with recommended product suggestions all founded by the experts at http://www.OmieraLabs.com:

Unwanted Hair Growth: Hair Inhibitor Cream
Dark Circles Under Eyes/ Eye Bags: Dark Circle Tightening Serum
Acne: Hydrating Acne Wash and Acne Scar Regimen
Dull, Aging Skin: Skin Lightening Anti-Aging Moisturizer
Yellow, Thin, Brittle Nails and Nail Fungus: Nail Whitener Fungal Treatment
Thinning Hair: Rapid Hair Growth Serum
Scars and/or Dark Spots on Face: Scar Serum and Skin Whitening Glutathione Cream
Shoulder, Back, Knee, Muscle and Joint Pain: Topical Roll-on Pain Relief
Lack of Energy or Motivation: Resveratrol Glutathione Detox Supplement for Beauty, Physical and Mental Staminar


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