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Fulvic Acid Is Your New Skin Savior

Anyone with troubled skin knows that the first order of business when choosing a new skincare product is to scan the ingredients. You know what works for your skin and what doesn’t, which can trigger fear of the unknown when you stumble upon something you’ve never seen before. But fear not, sensitive skin. Fulvic acid, a relative newcomer to Western skincare, is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it could be the solution to your wrinkles and skin woes.


Fulvic acid, long used in Eastern medicine, is making a splash in Western skincare for its powerful antioxidant qualities and its gentleness on sensitive or troubled skin. Fulom Skincare, created by an American scientist in the dry, dusty Australian Outback, bases its entire line of moisturizers and cleanser on the fulvic philosophy. It heals and protects all skin types without irritation.

The key ingredient is the organic fulvic acid, which is pulled from natural humic substances formed over many years when plant matter decays. It doesn’t get more natural than that. Once the fulvic acid is extracted, it can be used as a skincare ingredient and bring its natural, gentle benefits right to your skin.

There are a few things that make the organic fulvic acid in Fulom so special. For starters, it’s not going to strip your skin of its natural oils like harsh soaps will. This means it will break down your makeup and wash away the day without leaving your skin feeling stiff and tight. Because it’s an acid, it more closely mimics skin’s natural pH, preventing a breakdown of the protective mantle that balances skin. According to the Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, using a cleanser with a pH close to that of your skin can prevent and treat inflammatory acne breakouts.

It’s not just acne that fulvic acid can knock out. Psoriasis, rosacea, eczema and dermatitis don’t stand a chance against it. A study in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology tested how fulvic acid stood up against eczema. Participants using a topical fulvic acid treatment showed a significant improvement of their symptoms, including redness and inflammation. Fulvic acid’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties also make it a potent treatment for skin conditions like contact dermatitis, a reaction to environmental triggers that can result in dry, flaky, itchy painful skin. The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy backs up the claim, concluding that topically applied fulvic acid treatments are safe and effective for troubled skin.

But you don’t have to have trouble skin to see the benefits of fulvic acid. It’s a powerful antioxidants make it a killer wrinkle-fighting ingredient in skincare. It’s potency was put to the test by a study from Laub Biochemicals Corporation, and fulvic acid proved itself to be a formidable opponent to the visible signs of aging. Researchers observed a visible decrease in wrinkles, sagging and fine lines after using fulvic acid skincare. It also tightened skin up and smoothed it out.


Fulom’s line has all of your skincare basics covered, with a gentle cleanser and two options for moisturizers. The Moisturizing Face & Body Cleanser ($28.40 for 8 oz.) is perfect for removing makeup and gently cleansing skin in the morning and evening. It won’t strip your skin or leave it with that “just washed” tightness, plus it’s anti-itch and antioxidant. Follow up with the Hydrating Lotion ($30.75 for 8 oz.) to fight the stubborn signs of aging and hit any rough patches on your face or body with the rich Moisturizing Cream ($22 for 1.7 oz.). The range is the perfect way to introduce the gentle, skin-saving properties of fulvic acid into your skincare.

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