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Fido, The Italian Street Dog That Waited 14 Years For His Owner to Come Back

The dog name “Fido” is actually really famous. Although Abraham Lincoln made the name popular by naming his dog Fido, the name was also famous during the Roman times. Romans were usually naming their dogs “Fido” which means “ I am faithful” in Latin. This is a story about another dog Fido, a dog you can really trust.

Carlo Soriani was a laborer. He lived in Borgo San Lorenzo, a small city near Florence. During the winter of 1941, Carlo was coming home from work when he heard something. It was a little street dog lying hurt by the road. Carlo took the tiny puppy back home with him and took care of it. The street puppy, with the help of Carlo fully recovered.

The puppy was a mixed breed. Carlo and the dog became best friends and they went everywhere together. He named the dog Fido. Fido even followed Carlo to the bus stop every morning. He would wait all day long until Carlo got back from work with the evening bus. They did this every day for 2 years an everyone knew about their unique friendship.

On December 30th, 1943, Carlo’s factory was bombed by the Allies and unfortunately Carlo was killed. Fido was on the bus stop that day, waiting for his best friend to come back home but he never did.

Fido waited for some time an decided to go to Carlo’s home to look for him. He wasn’t there either. Fido went to the bus stop the next day too, but he faced disappointment again. The dog went back to the bus station every single day for 14 years, waiting for his beloved friend to come back.

Everyone knew about Fido’s story. In 1957 a ceramic statue of Fido was erected in his honor but it got destroyed by vandals. Later, the town commissioned a new bronze statue that everyone can see today.

In 1957 the whole world learned the story about the faithful dog. He even got a gold medal in a ceremony at City Hall. The summer of 1958, Fido passed away. He was buried in the same cemetery as his master. They were finally reunited again.

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