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Feminine Intimate Care “Jil Gyung Yi” User Review

I found Jil-Gyung-Yi from searching Kegel exercise.
Since I have a lot of doubts, it took me a few days of reading people’s comment from the beginning until the end. But still I couldn’t believe them so I bought a Silver.

I had an extremely bad smell during the menstruation with a little amount of blood. It smelled like a dried coffee.
As what the people have commented, I used 2 pills for every 3 consecutive days at the beginning. Then I used 1 pill on the 4th day.

It was nice to wake up with no smell and fresh feelings every morning.

I was expecting the contraction part but it didn’t come.

I thought there was a late response so I ordered it into gold again.

I made an easy decision after getting a good result from the hygiene cleaning.

And I wrote an inquiry and got a kind phone call and discussed about it.

I used 2 pills for 2 days again then changed it into 1 pill and I rested because it was too good to use.

But I started my period a little faster than I had thought.

Not only that, the color of blood was really cherry-red with no smell and the amount has increased than before.

Don’t you think its rejuvenation? For reference, my age is 46 and my amount of the blood during period has reduced for almost 6 years.

I felt great because it felt like I’m becoming a lady again.

I still have a contraction problem, but I think I will get an effect someday.

It’s a little burden about the cost, but I think’s it’s better than medical expense. I think I will order them again.

Women who are having a hard time, let’s cheer up!!

Source: https://jgy-global.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZAcTWs_pJRm807QuCR_taA/videos

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