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How a Female Hair Transplant Helped This Ex-Ballerina After Childhood Bullying

A mother of two, and former ballerina has recently warned of the perils behind tying your hair back too tight – as for her, this led to hair loss which blighted her life. Diva Hollands from Surrey in the UK was a dancer as a child but now believes that the ballet fashion of tying her back led to her condition.

She was bullied at school, and ended up with a severe lack of confidence and low self-esteem – but it’s only now that she feels able to share her story since she had ground-breaking female hair transplant surgery to remedy the situation.

Breaking Down the Taboos of Female Hair Loss

Diva has said that by sharing her story, she hopes that she can help to break down the taboos which tend to surround female hair loss, and hopes that other women can seek the help that is now possible with modern hair transplant surgery.

From a young age, she started ballet, and her mum always made her wear her hair back very tightly away from the face. As a teenager the hair at her temples was starting to recede leading to severe bullying and cruel comments from other children at school.


Diva had this to say:

“I was bullied for my hairline in primary school and then into secondary school, but it got really serious when I was about 13. Since then I was completely self-conscious about it and did everything I could to hide the area. It affected me a lot, especially as I was being picked on.”

When she reached adulthood and had children, the hair loss began to get even worse, but with the encouragement of her husband, sought specialist and professional help. That’s when she found Dr Edward Ball now of The Maitland Clinic, a hair loss clinic based in Portsmouth on the south coast of England.

Undergoing an FUT Female Hair Transplant

Dr Edward Ball recommended a Follicular Unit Transplantation in October of 2015 which involves the surgeon taking a strip of skin which already has hair on it, and placing it to the affected area. This means that hair should now grow where the receding area was before.

The procedure took around 8 hours, and a year later the hair transplant surgery was a complete success as you can see from the before and after photos shown in this article.

Diva Hollands has this to say:

“It all went fine and very quickly. I just watched films the whole way through. It was then a week for the full recovery and for the swelling to go down. When I saw the results I was absolutely gob-smacked. After only a few months I could see my hairline start to grow back. Every month it just got better. It’s completely changed my life – dramatically. It’s had a huge impact. I couldn’t be happier with how it looks.”


Encouraging Other Women to Consider Treatment

Diva now hopes that her own success story regarding female hair loss and hair transplant surgery will help other women in seeking this type of treatment.

Her surgeon Dr Edward Ball who runs The Maitland Clinic with premises in Portsmouth and also on Harley Street, London, said to local press that it was amazing to see how much it had boosted Diva’s confidence.

If you are a woman living in the UK and would like to find out more about the possibilities involved in having a female hair transplant, whether in London or on the south coast of England then please contact The Maitland Clinic via their website using the links in this article.

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