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Everything You Need to Know About Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup can be seen as a solution for half of our problems as women, whether you are a working lady, always in way too much of a rush to pay attention to her cosmetic routine or a busy mommy who just cannot find a spare second to look beautiful.

So you must be wondering what exactly permanent makeup is; Permanent makeup makes the use of micropigmentation to add some permanent color to your face – literally. These services are offered by places such as HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy and are on quite a roll lately.

You can use permanent makeup to enhance and beautify number of your features such as:

Eyebrows –  You will no longer have to spend money and time over plucking out your brows and then drawing them over and over again till they are perfect, then repeating the whole procedure again. With the help of micropigmentation and microblading, you can achieve a flawless brow and flaunt it.

Lips – Many of us put great care in putting on lipstick and making it look flawless, then at the end of the day we vigorously rub it off, where it takes away the luster of the lips and makes them look dull. With the help of micropigmentation, you can give your lips the most perfect pinkish tint and that too permanently. You can still wear lipstick when the need arises but you will still look gorgeous even with a bare face.

Freckles and Beauty Marks – Do you think your skin is too plain and boring? Micropigmentation can also add some life to your face by adding a beauty mark or a lovely sprinkle of freckles across your cheeks. You can use a good concealer to cover it up when you want but you’ll always have and flaunt your new features on a naked visage.

Eyeliner – You go out, you buy the perfect liquid liner, come back home and realize it takes at least six tries to get it looking somewhat the way you imagined. Other common problems with eyeliner:

  • Getting sad when you remove it at night because it took so long to put it on just right.
  • Smudging
  • Flaking
  • Panda eyes

Well guess what. You can get rid of all these problems at once by getting eyeliner permanently tattooed on your eyes. Your eyes will never look tired and sleepy and that too effortlessly!

Do not fret yourself into believing that permanent makeup will make you look like a clown. In fact, all the procedures done are kept as natural as possible. You can always add more makeup on.

Another concern you may have is the fact that the makeup will be permanent. We want to assure you that HD Beauty is soon to introduce a tattoo removal project; so a soon as you are tired of your current naked look, you can simply have it removed.

Lastly, we just want to say that if you have a busy life and find it hard to manage that along with your beauty routine, you should definitely consider Permanent Makeup.

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