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Eight Stylish Shoes for Trendy Souls in 2017

Shoes are an accessory that everyone needs to protect their feet and make roaming around a comfortable experience. For women, the pressure is on to possess stylish shoes that are up-to-date with the latest trends. Everyone loves sneakers; they are comfortable and suitable for most daily activities. Just like any other women’s shoes, women’s sneakers come in a variety of styles that soon become trends throughout time.

Here is a list of stylish shoes for trendy souls in 2017:

1. The High-Tops

Everywhere you go, more and more people- women, men, and children- are wearing high-top sneakers, making it a trend that is a shoe revolution. They come in a variety of colors, materials, styles, and prices. However, white high tops with ankle-length jeans are a proven good combination.

2. The White Low-Tops

Contrary to the high-tops, white low-tops are also a trend that is worth trying. They may show more ankle and are more simpler in color and style, but the fact that they are a trend shows that they are still fit for a fashionista! The good news is that they can make a simple outfit of a t-shirt and jeans as fashionable as a slip dress and fuzzy coat.

3. The Embroidered Sneaker

Do you want to keep the rest of your outfit low-key while making it “all about the shoes”? The embroidered sneaker is a holy grail to add embellishment to an outfit defined by simplicity.

4. The Platform

Every woman deserves a good boost. A good boost is typically accomplished from wearing high-heels, which are not suitable for everyday wear due to their fancy appearance and uncomfortable long-wear. The platform sneaker provides the best of both worlds: the boost from a high-heel and the casualness of a sneaker.

5. The Trainer

Do you want to be a fashionista that is also fit? Trainer sneakers are making their way out of the rooms of a gym and onto the streets in a variety of unique styles. The trainer is the perfect symbol of a high-functioning fashionista.

6. The Slip-On

Life moves too fast for people, especially women, to keep up anymore: work, errands, children, etc. If you need a shoe to slip-on at a moment’s notice, the slip-on will become your new best friend.

7. The Velcro Sneaker

Who says Velcro sneakers are only for little girls, who have not mastered the skill of tying their shoes? Their convenience and simplicity have made them a trend among women, who do not want to waste precious time tying and untying their shoes.

8. The Glitter Sneaker

Glitter adds glamour. With glitter sneakers, you can add glamour and sparkle to the dullest outfit. Be careful not to overdo it!

In 2017, there is a trend for every woman in women’s sneakers. If you are a trendy girl who likes to walk the lifestyle with the crowd, walk in either the high-top or white-low top sneakers. If you are a girl who likes to add a little extra embellishment to her outfit, take the leap with the embroidered sneaker or glitter sneaker.

Are you a high-heel lover with a desire to be more casual? Step up to the platform. Are you an active girl? The trainers are not just for the gym anymore. Do you have a busy life where you need to be in and out of the house in seconds? Quickly slip on the slip-on sneaker or Velcro sneaker. Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

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