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Dealing with Termites: Safety and Health Issues

Dealing with urban pests is one of the challenging issues for scientists. Entomologists are working to develop safest options to clean the homes, buildings, offices and public places from the dangerous pests including termites, cockroaches, houseflies, mosquitoes and others. It is believed that insecticides are the most effective control options in this field. However, health scientists are not convinced with the use of insecticides whether these are conventional or modern.

Those who want to deal with the termites in a safe way should consider our services at Treebark Termite Control. Why we say that? As a matter of fact, we have developed a new chemistry based on the natural sources. This product has excellent potential to control the termites without creating drift or other challenging health issues at home.

What is Treebark Termite Control?

This is an important question to understand the safety and health issues while controlling the termites at home. As mentioned above, this is a specialized natural formula based program assisting the users to enjoy safest termite control. Here are some guidelines for the consumers.

Understand the synthetic chemicals:

It is suggested to read the formulations of different products being used for this purpose. Synthetic products are no longer safe for the urban pest management. Preference should be given to biological control options such as Treebark.

Never spray conventional insecticides:

As a matter of fact, numerous broad spectrum insecticides are available to control termites at homes. No doubt, these are highly effective in their action but these are dangerous for the home owners and pets present there. It has been noticed that spraying persistent insecticides creates residues all over the site. This directly damages the health of living organisms present around.

Vacate the site to avoid health issues:

We strongly recommend the consumers to vacate the home or building for a few hours (at least) in order to avoid the consequences. We have a natural formula which attacks the termites using their biological system. Treebark has been formulated by studying the mouthparts and proteins present in the mount of termites. This product only binds with these proteins to perform the control. However, it is important to take care.

Never leave foods or drinks outside:

We are here with all proper systems and control measures. It has been noticed that consumers leave their foods and drinks open in the kitchens or other places before application of Treebark. Our product is safe but there is no reason to expose the foods and drinks to a chemical. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to pack these things tightly or we will do the necessary measures in order to ensure your safety.

Call us right now and we will be at your doorstep to apply the safest formulation. This will give you quickest results against the termites within 3 months. It will kill the workers termite as well as the advance colonies present around. This would be a long term control with the guarantee of no further establishment within or around your home.

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