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Dating Online After 50, Is It For You?

Seniors and technology, the question no longer arises. We know that fifty-somethings nowadays are present on social media and that more and more of them use online dating websites. Yes, many seniors like the idea of meeting new people online. After a divorce, or other unfortunate events, some feel ready to fall in love again and to experience a romantic relationship again. Of course, there are numerous ways to find love but you may wonder if online dating is for you and if it actually works.

Is online dating only for shy people?

It is often said that online dating is perfect for shy people as exchanging emails first is more comfortable than exchanging directly in real life. But you can still find dating sites helpful even if you don’t consider yourself a reserved person. Especially if you have a very active lifestyle or if you live in an area where it is difficult for you to meet potential partners.

Sometimes, you can’t find the time to talk to strangers between your work, your activities and random daily chores. And other times, you may have time to go out with friends but it just seems like you never happen to find your match this way. What a dating site for seniors does is expanding your horizons to maximize your chances of finding someone you like and likes you back.

What changes when dating online?

You may think online dating is significantly different from real life dating and although there are indeed a few differences, you can also find similarities between the two. Just as in real life, online crush is primarily based on your looks, your style and on your face. So it’s important to choose a good profile picture that truly shows who you are.

What slightly differs from a non-virtual contact is that you can know more about one person before you even start to talk to them, and vice versa. When in real life, you have to take hints before making a move, online dating actually allows you to find out what the other person is into, and what they’re looking for thanks to their profile. Which can make things easier if you already know what kind of personal traits you like and which ones you can’t stand.

Can I find a serious relationship online?

If you are looking for a serious relationship, you may fear stumbling upon people who don’t have the same vision. And flirting behind a screen can give some people the impression that they can be disrespectful. But is it impossible to find a serious relationship online?

Once you know what you want (and after years of being in a relationship, you probably do), it’s easier to say no to people who don’t share your core values. Of course, having different opinions in a couple is great for a healthy relationship. However, if you don’t agree on basic things from the start, the relationship is likely to fail. That’s why you need to have several conversations with your match and spend several dates with them before settling down.

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