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Chic Living: Upgrading To A Stylish Bathroom Design

A dull bathroom can mess up the look of your entire house. After all, a bathroom is one of the focal points for home decorators and even visitors. It should ooze tranquility and class to match the rest of your house.

Fortunately, making a few little changes to a bathroom can create a significant difference to both the function and style of your bathroom.

Not sure how to upgrade the design of your bathroom? Here are some great ideas for a bathroom revamp project:

Accessorize Your Bathroom

Think about going beyond the towel holders or toilet roll holder. There are tons of ways to accessorize your bathroom. Pay attention to the little things like the soap dispensers or hand dryers. Don’t hesitate in following a theme when installing new accessories in your bathroom.

You can mix and match and get creative. Use the color of your bathroom, tile, or walls as an inspiration. If the walls and the floor are dull, look for loud and flashy accessories that would serve as a contrast.

Update The Faucets

If you want to bring a change that seems expensive yet within your budget, consider installing new faucets. It is surprisingly an effective way to improve the look of your basin and bath. Choose new designs, opt for super slim models, angular cuts, elegant curves, or a stylish waterfall spout.

While it’s great to set a budget, don’t compromise on the quality. When looking for inspirational ideas and designs for bathroom sink faucets, don’t forget to do your research and compare prices.

Improve Bathroom Lighting

A bathroom is a place to relax. Adding perfect lighting to your bathroom may influence your mood. Plus, you’ll be surprised how the right lighting could change the overall setting of your bathroom.

On the other hand, a bathroom that’s too bright is also a bad idea. That’s why you should feel free to be creative with your lighting fixtures. A regular bulb is not your only choice. Go for fancy lights that match the overall ambiance of your bathroom. Strike a balance and see the difference the right lighting can create.

Enlarge Your Bathroom

No, you aren’t going to break the walls or carry out an expansion. You can always create the sense of space and make a room appear larger. How about hanging large mirrors or using mirror tiles to create that illusion?

This is particularly important for smaller bathrooms. The more the light bounces around, the larger the space in your bathroom will seem.

During the revamp, it is essential that you also pay attention to the plumbing of your bathroom. You don’t want to face that trouble after the overall look of your bathroom has been upgraded. Consult PlumbingFix, Burbank being one of their locations, if you want to get an idea on the list of services professional plumbers offer and what to expect from them.


The idea here is to create storage so that your bathroom looks clean and clutter-free. Of course, every bathroom needs some sort of storage to keep towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, and other relevant things. Placing everything on the basin top could make the room appear crowded and messy.

This also gives you a chance to change your bathroom furniture. If you have a wall-mounted cabinet or a small bathroom cupboard in place, you might want to consider to install more functional storage furniture. There are tons of ideas you can find online. So make sure you do your research before de-cluttering your bathroom.

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