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Use the Power of Sound to restore and revitalize Beauty!

The Deep Wave Beauty CD consists of 8 original tracks all rich in multidimensional music interwoven with special vibrational frequencies. These frequencies convey targeted, healing energies to benefit our holistic nature: The CD contains the frequency-equivalents of important vitamins and nutrients. These …

Great Ladies’ Cases For Your iPhone

Regardless of whether you use your lovely new iPhone to chat with friends, post your selfies or even play casino games, it’s clear that a good case is essential for stopping your digital friend from getting battered in your handbag. So here’s …

Weekly Horoscope 16.01 – 22.01

Aries (21.03-20.04) Love A strong difference in ideology between you and your lover might put a wet blanket on your sex life early in the week. You may not feel comfortable enough even voicing your own narrative to your mate, and if this …

Weekly Horoscope 09.01 – 15.01

Aries (21.03-20.04) Love This will be a sensitive week for you, and as a result, romance might not be high on your priority list. It appears that you’ll have both a professional and family situation on your hands. You may feel torn in …