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How Can Working Moms Take Care of Their Kids Better?

You see that telltale sign of the coming shrieks and cries on the face of your new born baby. A few feet away, you see your 2-year old trying to put his Lego blocks in his mouth. Gosh! That’s a working mother’s nightmare. If you’re in the middle of this testing phase of your life where you’re juggling responsibilities from your workplace, home, and your babies, it can be tempting to throw it the towel and call it quits.

Most working mothers, in fact, hardly even care for their own health until their babies grow past the tender age of 2-3 years. Well, things ought to be better, and this guide brings very practical tips that can help working mothers stay happy, organized, successful, and healthy.

It Takes Three to Make a Cool Home Team

It’s said that babies feel more comfortable and relaxed when their mother is around. And no working mom would want to deprive her babies of the bliss. However, it can often become troublesome to attend the needs of both the babies at once. To make things easier, however, mothers must promote and nurture a sense of team work among the kids. For instance, it’s known that 1-2 year old babies try to help their parents, primarily because of the newness of the experience they get. Use this to your advantage. For instance, while you’re changing diapers for your infant, keep your toddler close by and ask for his help in handing over the diaper to you. More than the help, the activity manages to keep the toddler busy, and prevents him from posing any demands at the time when you’re busy with the other baby.

Create Several Safe Havens in Your Home

Getting caught between two kids that can’t seem to agree on the same thing is a mess! For instance, consider the trouble you face when you need to breast feed your infant, and your 2 years old little girl would just not sit on the couch you want to sit at. To sort out these problems, create safe havens at multiple locations within your house. It can be as simple as throwing in a couple of blankets against the wall, or placing a few bean bags around your living area. This means that you will always find a way to get both the babies to agree on a place where they could enjoy mommy time with you. This tip works wonders when you need to breast feed a baby, need to cuddle your infant to make him sleep, or feed your toddler.

Be Smart About Your Health

Make no mistake – taking care of your job along with your babies will take its toll on your health. Just think of that viral infection that kept you out of work for a couple of days; imagine taking care of your babies at less than your 100% health. From a body upkeep and immunity buildup perspective, physical excursion is a must for working mothers. Thankfully, you can bring home a jogging stroller that allows you to take brisk walks and jogs with your baby safe. What’s more, you can even check out double baby strollers that can easily accommodate both your babies, without getting them bumping against each other.

Plan – That Solves Many Problems

Planning solves half the problems of having to manage so many things at once, your babies included. Here are some very useful and practical tips:

  • Use a shared Google calendar to keep your husband’s and your schedule for the next day ready, so that you know where you need to be at what time. This drastically brings down number of incidents where one of you has to make an abrupt adjustment to be with the babies.
  • Always have at least 3 people, within reach, who will be willing to play back up for your babies’ care, in cases where emergency situations require you to be elsewhere. These people could be from your family, friends, and even neighbors.
  • Cook your meals for the next day. Now this is one of the smallest of compromises you can make in your lifestyle to accommodate the needs of your babies and to manage the time pressures placed by your job alongside.
Bring Home Some Smart Products

Let’s face it, there are just too many supposedly wonder products in the market that claim to solve the problems of working mothers. However, only a few actually deliver on the promise. So, working moms would do well to think on some smart products that can make routine life easier, more productive, and fun. Right from smart thermostats to smart buttons, from Wi-Fi cameras to home assistant speakers – there are some pretty good picks out there, consider them.

Final Thoughts

You’re a brave, passionate, and loving woman, take pride in that. Besides, use the tips mentioned in this guide to make your life easier as you go through the testing phase of managing work and babies alongside.

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