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The Best Way to Clean Outdoor Windows

No one considers window cleaning fun or pleasant but it’s one of the house chores that need to be done. Outdoor windows, in particular, are a pain because rain drops get them dirty very often and the heat doesn’t help too much either. Luckily, you won’t have to wash windows every day but when you do, you need to make sure you get the best results in the shortest time and with little effort. For that, you need to learn some smart tips that will help you leave the windows spotless without working too hard. Here are some steps that will help you clean your outside windows in the simplest way possible.

 Tools you will need

Before you get to work, you need to make a list of all the supplies you will need so that you will have everything at hand. If indoor windows can be simply wiped with a paper towel and a cleaning solution, you will need some more stuff for outdoor cleaning.

  • A sponge or a brush
  • A sponge scrubber
  • A rubber squeegee
  • An absorbent cloth
  • A water bucket
  • Soap
  • Vinegar
  • Alcohol and baking soda optionally
 Cleaning the windows
  • To eliminate the hard work, it’s best to scrub the windows prior to using the cleaning solution so you will avoid spreading all the dirt and dust. Use a sponge to soften the dirt and insist on stubborn stains. For this, you might need to soak the stains in vinegar and leave it act for a few minutes before wiping the windows. A paste made of soda and vinegar will also help get rid of the old and dried stains without having to rub very hard.
  • After you have gotten rid of stains, you can apply the cleaning solution made of soap and water. Use the sponge scrubber to spread the cleaning solution then wipe it away with the rubber squeegee. This will help you get the job faster than if you were using a paper towel because the squeegee covers a larger area. Start from top to bottom or from left to right in sections and wipe clean the blade of the rubber squeegee before getting to the next section
  • If the squeegee has left any water lines, use the absorbent cloth to remove any water remains that would dry and stain the glass. Rubbing alcohol is known to be a great window cleaner so you can then apply some alcohol and wipe it off to create a sort of a film on the windows that will prevent grease and dirt from sticking to the glass. This will keep the rain drops away too so you won’t have to wash them again too often.

 Cleaning high rise windows

The biggest hassle is with high rise windows that are hard to reach and that could be dangerous to clean from outside. In order to avoid endangering yourself, you have three options to try:

  1. Use a ladder. This is the simplest but it only works for second-floor windows because ladders aren’t that high and you wouldn’t want to climb ladders 20 feet above the ground. Also, if you live in an apartment building, chances are you don’t have a ladder at hand.
  1. Use an extension pole. You can wash higher windows if you attach an extension pole to your squeegee or brush. This will give you some extra length so you will be able to reach higher windows but you won’t have the same dexterity as if you were at the same height as the window.
  1. Use a window cleaning robot. Luckily for you, there are robots that can help you clean windows without having to escalate buildings. You can try robot windows cleaning for outdoor windows that are hard to reach because you won’t have to be part of the process. Simply set the robot to clean, place it on the window on the outside and it will use its suction power to remain attached to the glass while cleaning it.
  1. Use a garden hose. If the facade of your house allows you, you can use a garden hose to simply remove the dirt and dust from the windows on floors that are very hard to reach. The water sprayed at a high pressure will manage to clean some of the dirt but once it will dry, new stains will appear so it’s not such a good idea.
Wash the sills too

You might have your windows clean and everything but if you don’t wipe the sills too, the dirt will easily go back to the windows. Therefore, when you wipe the glass, make sure you also wipe the frame and the rubber that seals the windows because that is where dirt and even mold spores develop. If you notice that the rubber is attacked by mold, use vinegar to remove it and prevent it from altering the seal. You can wash the sills after washing the windows to make sure you don’t restain the glass and when you are done, wipe dry with a cloth to leave the entire window sparkling clean. A vacuum will also come in handy when cleaning the window sills because it will help you remove dirt and dust from depth.

Cleaning outdoor windows is a big hassle because they are dirtier that the indoor ones and it’s harder to reach every corner, especially on those on higher floors. Therefore, you need to find the best way to clean them and our article might give you a hand with that.

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