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Best Sports For Women

History Of Women In Sports

How many female sports persons can you name?

Women from all over the world have been constantly slammed and restricted to enter international sport events such as the Olympics.

But, since the year 1900, modern day Olympics has seen a rise in the number of women participating in numerous sports activities. The increase in their count, soon led to the separate category approach in different sports, women were participating in.

Male Vs Female

Though there are over 193,000 female sports participants at the NCAA schools, much higher than 30,000 seen in the year 1972, it does not seem enough.

There are still 60,000 fewer female counterparts against the number of male sportsmen all around the world. This is the major reason why sports women are paid less in comparison to what the men are able to bag.

In this article, you will find some of the best sports for women, all around the world.

Most Popular Woman Sports All Around The World

In the current world scenario, it has become utmost important for women sports players to take a higher stand against the feminist mindset of the various sports associations and even, the people of the world. You can find here some of the best sports for women to be played internationally.

1. United Sates Of America

In the year 1972, a law was passed by the government of USA which said that no sports association can discriminate between men and women, when it comes to sports. After this rule, overwhelming woman participation was recognized throughout the nation.

Basketball – this sport shows a significant presence of women. A separate association called the WNBA governs the working of women basketball players.

An average woman player at the WNBA can make up to USD72, 000. The participation of women in basketball has made a rise in the manufacturing of women outdoor basketball shoes, over the years.

Soccer – the women soccer sports team in the USA has been able to bag three World Cups, which shows much more success over the men’s team. The women sports persons have also been able to win international gold medals.

  1. The famous Billie Jean King, who defeated Bobby Rings in the Battle of the Sexes tennis match, sets an ideal example of what women can achieve in sports.
  2. Mia Hamm was just 19 when she made great efforts, to make her team win the first ever, Soccer Women’s World Cup in 1991.
  3. No one can miss out Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams when it comes to achieving big in Wimbledon.

2. United Kingdom

Till the 19th century, women in the UK could only participate in sports like, lawn tennis, golf, hockey and cycling. But women can now officially participate in international sports like football, netball, rugby and cricket.

Other popular sports choices for women are swimming, cycling and boxing.

The “This Girl Can” campaign, which is funded by the government has seen a 75% rise in women participation.

  • Jessica Ennis-Hill became the “Face of London 2012” after winning the Olympic Gold that year.
  • Elli Simmonds, who came into the limelight when she was as young as 13 years, is a four-time champion at Paralympics and holds 13 world records for swimming.

3. Canada

The country is very sports-focused, though it is also equally biased towards men participation. Nevertheless, a lot of woman sports are played by the female players of the country. Since the 19th century, it was believed that cycling is one of the best sports for women of the nation.

Soon enough in the 21st century the following sports became popular amongst women athletes:

  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Ice hockey

The famous Canadian female athlete of all times, Fanny “Bobbie” Rosenfeld was ranked as the number one female sprinters in Canada.

Carol Huynh and Tonya Verbeek at wrestling, Mary Spencers at boxing, Angela James and Hayley Wickenheiser at hockey have achieved remarkably for their country throughout the 2002-2010 Olympics.

4. India

Ever since club life was introduced in India in the year 1900, females have taken a key place in sports activities. Removing the stereotypical feminism in India, the government constantly aims towards improving the count of woman participation in all major sports events.

Sports like

  • Wrestling
  • Kho-kho
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Sprinting
  • Boxing

Are some of the most popular sports played in the country by women.

  • Legendary Saina Nehwal is at the world no.2 in badminton.
  • Deepika Kumari and Chekrovolu Swuro in archery, Krishna Poonia and Seema Antil in athletics, Garima Chaudhary in Judo, Mary Kom in boxing and Jwala Gutta in boxing are some of the most famous women sports persons that the nation cherishes.
  • Neha Aggarwal and Poulomi Ghatak show their amazing table tennis skills with their ping pong paddles.
Changing Ideologies

Women participating in various sports all around the globe put an equal amount of effort for bringing back pride to their nation, a common gender bias is observed throughout the world.

Still, with profound efforts of some of the big nations, sport associations have been formed for sound management, security and participation of women, there.

The best sports for women can make her self-confident and self-dependent.

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