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How to Become Financially Independent Running a WordPress Blog?

Witnessing how people have taken Women to be the weaker sex in the past, our society has grown since then. Women no longer need somebody else to support them, is ain’t that right ladies? The knight in the shining armor is nobody else than the one who is staring right back at you in the mirror! We can feed ourselves & our families just right, are financially independent & ready to conquer the world in every niche. Seeing the success of Valerie Maltoni & Laura Ries, it can easily be said that some of the finest bloggers have been Women. So, those ladies who are contemplating to get real in the world of blogging & be successful should know what to expect & what they should bring to the table.

First of all, blogging is not just a fad that just comes & goes, but it is more stable. You must consider blogging as your permanent hobby if you want to make it worth your time & moreover take it as a business wherein you are the entrepreneur. Blogging explicitly encourages homemakers or the retired ones to share their experiences. But your content will always be the king of your blog no matter it is of the recipes you just tried or a DIY dress you just made for yourself or some advice you want to share related to finance or technology. It doesn’t even take more than 2-3 hours per day giving you enough time to spare on your other tasks. So the major question arises how do we make our ends meet while blogging? Well, there are many ways & we will be discussing them very briefly here.

While researching tools to set up your blog, you will come across with many Content Management System, after all, blogging is all about content. But the best platform, undoubtedly, is the WordPress because of its unlimited features & painless editing options. Setting up a blog with Best Blog Themes for WordPress is not going to be a technical process nor will require a professional’s help, just a bit of patience & time & you are all set to go! Further, if you don’t want to invest into buying a theme, then WordPress offers Free Website Themes too. In fact, there are loads of tutorials available on the Web for you to learn the basic of WordPress & the rest you will learn by the time & practice.

Choosing a topic or the niche of the blog, you must be very proficient since if the topic will not interest you to write then nothing else can. Narrow down such things which you love talking about, or you have a sound knowledge of, trust us you will never back down on it! Once you are done setting up your blog, incorporate money making strategies.

Here is precisely how to earn money from your blog:

1. Advertising

The most conventional method is selling advertising on your blog. Google enables your blog to show related ads on your page & that via CPC/PPC or CPM contributes to your revenue. Further, you can put banner ads by contacting the service providers related to your blog’s niche & then placing ads on your blog. For example, you are writing “What to wear during Fall season,” you can contact some clothing merchandiser to provide you some ads wherein you either share the profit from the sale or get a fixed amount after posting the ad. You can additionally do a product review for them adding their clothing line in your content, it will help with their sales & then you can ask a commission of the sales in the return.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Granted, your blog will not be able to make money from this strategy if you are new to the blogging. But it is one of the smartest moves to secure money online & for good reasons. It is faster & gives you immediate results; posting a link is the effort is all that it takes! Moreover, the income from affiliate marketing is passive as you don’t need to worry about the after & before customer support.

3. Providing your services

If you are passionate about something & extremely skilled, blogging is just right medium to start selling your skills. The best attribute about this strategy is that like other strategies, it does not require your blog to be popular, but your skills & content will speak itself! A right exposure with the right audience & the profit that it will make will outdo every other thing!

4. Generate E-mail lists

In the beginning, we mentioned, blogging is no less than a business venture then e-mail subscribers will be your leads. In other words, you must evaluate who you reader is presently & can you turn them into one of your potential buyer of some sort! Well, of course, you can, but you then have to build the trust & reliability among your visitors. Thus a subscription newsletter might turn the tables in your favor, but first, you need to get a part of the audience! To generate more e-mail subscriptions offer something for free like advice or some content or a discount for signing up with a smooth landing page & creative words. The more subscribers you get, the more money you will make!

5. Start selling your products

The next profitable strategy is the one that requires a little bit of research & sometimes a range of resources but gives you the undivided profit nonetheless. When placing ads or including links in your content, if you notice that a particular kind of products is getting you more profit, start selling them on your own! Accepted that it will include the cost of development, support & some other factors, but selling physical goods is not the only options you have! You can start with educational stuff like selling e-books, conducting courses/seminars or providing music, software, photos, games or templates with some discount or developed by your expertise. Once you determine selling stuff on your blog, there will be multiple options for you to select.

6. Start monetizing from Day 1

Well, you might ask, why? So, ladies, the reason is quite simple! If you will not get the motivation to blog, why would you do it considering money is the driving factor for most of the human survival! The numbers don’t have to be big, start slow, the numbers will increase eventually. In fact, this will also give you enough funds to hire a small team to share your load.

7. Always, always keep your readers first!

If you have an engaged audience, losing them is not a smart move. So, before implementing any of the strategies, you must consider what your audience is expecting from you. Build a relationship with your audience & there is a myriad of options to do just that. Establish a social media presence for your blog providing an excellent platform to your audience for sharing your content making it viral; it will boost your blog only with its social traffic. And, never be afraid of experimenting! There is a possibility of failing miserably, but you will learn many things for your good.

In the end, the best-proven method will be the one with which you will be able to sail your ship! So, stop worrying & start blogging right away, after all, you will get paid for it! Though like everyone out there, there might be a possibility of you failing, but, the most important thing is to hold up all your courage & keep going, it will serve you in the long run.

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