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Baking Bread – Ultimate Tips To Baking

Baking bread is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time and experience to come up with the perfect loaf of bread. I have tried making bread at home and made a lot of errors. Each error was a learning curve and I ensured that it was not repeated again and over time I came to be known by my family and friends as the go to person when it came to baking.

Given below are the tips to baking which I learnt on the job:

  • If your dough is really sticky It means that you need to add some more flour. However, do not add all the flour at one time, keep adding a little and keep kneading. When the dough has enough elasticity stop.
  • If your yeast did not foam then it means that the yeast is dead. Do not use that yeast, throw it away. If you use it you will be only wasting your time. Instead proof a new packet of yeast. Heat the water, add the yeast and a little sugar to help the yeast and you will find it foaming. If not, throw it, period.
  • If your bread does not rise, then there are problems with the yeast as mentioned above or all your ingredients were not in room temperature. Maybe you took something out of the refrigerator and added it directly and hence it would have impacted the rising of the bread.
  • If your bread rose after kneading and it caved in after baking, it means that the dough had already risen to the maximum and hence it caved in or the oven heat was not enough. Most probably it is the oven heat, so always check the oven temperature.
  • If the bread sticks to the pan, it means it is not greasy enough. Add butter and dough to the pan and you will find that the bread does not stick to it at all.
  • If the bread crumbles then it means that the dough was kneaded for too long and also allowed to rise for too long. The ideal time is to bake the dough when it has risen to double its original size.

These tips that I have provided have been learnt over time. If you use these tips you need not fail every time you try to bake bread. In fact, you can be thanking people for the accolades that they bestow on you for baking a fine loaf of bread.

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