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Aging With Grace, Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Liposuction

If you’re looking for some information about aging before undergoing a liposuction procedure in Melbourne, Sydney or around Australia, read below for an introduction into what to expect.

After undergoing lipo, some people are concerned that over time or as they age, they’ll become deformed or look odd surrounding their treatment site or within the area itself. This is incorrect; as long as you have had a procedure performed by an experienced professional, you will not experience body contour issues in the future, provided you take care of yourself. Note:  if you overeat or under exercise and it leads to weight gain, fat will be deposited in new areas and not where you had liposuction performed. This can affect your shape aesthetically, but is not due to the aging process itself. Additionally, as skin loosens and loses elasticity later in life, areas that have undergone liposuction will also experience this effect and will therefore not result in a disproportionate look.

If you’re considering the procedure because you’re unhappy with your look as a result of aging, lipo alone may not be enough to address the concerns you have with the appearance of your skin. As liposuction removes fat cells from within the body, skin that’s already sagging or will sag because a large amount of fat has been extracted, will need to be addressed. The good news is, any experienced professional that regularly performs lipo will recommend what can be done to smooth the skins surface in conjunction to the fat removal. For this reason, it’s essential to have a consultation with a few practitioners to see who will best suit your needs.

When you are selecting your practitioner, it’s worth the money to select a certified plastic surgeon or highly experience cosmetic surgeon to perform your treatment. You may not need to go to hospital and can be treated as an outpatient or have your treatment performed in their offices, but be sure that they are extensively trained in this procedure and are specialists in their area. In Australia, there is still a loophole that allows cosmetic procedures such as lipo to be performed by GPs who only have a basic medical license to perform such treatments and less experience with incisions or emergency procedures.

Despite the lighter regulation that Australia has with regard to cosmetic procedures, as of October 2016 you are now entitled to a seven day cooling off period before a major procedure and you are required to receive written information upfront about the costs involved. You can also be assured that the treating practitioner is also now explicitly responsible for your post-operative care. Also on the administrative side of things, remember that if it’s performed as a cosmetic procedure, private health insurance will not provide you with any rebate as Medicare does not subsidise it, unless it’s undergone for medical reasons. If you feel the cost will be prohibitive, many practitioners offer patient payment plans, but are prevented from offering finance through a third party.

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