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7 Tricks To Create More Volume in Your Hair

Every woman dreams about having more voluminous hair. Luckily, this dream can become a reality if you follow our simple but incredible tricks. No need to visit the hairdresser, just follow these volume-building tricks at your own home!

Here are the 7 tricks for creating max volume with minimum effort:

1. Use your fingers when your blow-drying your hair instead of a brush.


2. To increase the volume of your ponytail, place a hair clip and cover it with hair.


3. Divide your hair into two and create two buns. Go to sleep and wake up with volume and incredible curls!


4. Apply dry shampoo directly on your roots to add more volume.


5. Blow-dry your thin hair with your head upside down.


6. Don’t be afraid to change your part to create volume at the crown.


7. If your hair is oily and you only have a few seconds to make it more voluminous, spray some hairspray directly on the roots and back-comb your hair.


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