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7 Things to Do Before Going to Prom

Prom is considered one of the biggest nights for every high school student and is therefore, a big deal. This said every teen prepares for this night with the aim of standing out and making every moment count. After all, it only comes once in your lifetime. In an effort to ensure that you have everything in your checklist, the following are some of the 7 things to do before going to prom.

  1. Decide on hair and makeup

Hair and makeup need to be decided upon before the due date. This will help to ensure that you do not just have a nervous breakdown or have someone else decide on your behalf. This reduces the chances of a flop. You can read some magazines or check online for some ideas. This will boost your confidence when making the final decisions.

  1. Schedule all appointments on time

A schedule ensures that you have all your appointments to avoid making last minute appointments that can be desperate. Keep in mind that several other are excited about prom and it is best that you schedule all your appointments weeks before the due date. These include scheduling for time at the salon, spa, as well as manicures and pedicures depending on what you need done.

  1. Prepare your skin

Your skin being the largest organ that is visible, it is important that you ensure it is clear and healthy. This will make you feel and look good considering that you will be taking photos that you want to last a lifetime.

  1. Pick out your dress

Prom night is all about making the right statement and standing out. Your dress is probably the most important item you cannot afford to go wrong. Shop weeks before to ensure you have the dress you want rather than settling for one you do not fancy simply because you are running out of time. If you are having, it customized, pick it on time, and ensure it fits just right. You can search for prom dress designs on https://teranicouture.com/collection/prom-dresses-2017/ for some great ideas.

  1. Pick the right underwear

Depending on the dress you pick out, it is important that you pick the right underwear, which includes the right bra and undies. It is not just about the fit but also about the design that goes well with the dress you bought. In addition, the material you settle for must complement your physique as well as dress in question.

  1. Make plans for picture taking

Backup plan with some friends on how you intend taking photos.

  1. Pack a prom emergency kit

You cannot be too sure on what will happen before you get to your prom or even what may happen during prom. For example, your makeup may start to run, a rip on your fabric, or it may start to come off. To ensure you are at the top of your game, ensure you have an emergency kit. In it, include bobby pins, safety pins, lipstick, as well as a makeup brush.

The above tips will help you to prepare for prom night so you can enjoy prom night feeling confident. With the right dress, makeup, an emergency kit, you cannot go wrong. Make it memorable and ensure you have something to look forward to that reminds you of the night by taking photos. Avoid last minute schedules to prevent missing anything.

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