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7 Skin Care Tips for Winters

Winter feels better than summer, but it certainly isn’t so for your skin. In winter your skin requires more care, and if you don’t pay attention to those requirements then you may soon find yourself struggling with cracks and pains of dry skin. But don’t worry – taking care of your skin during this season can certainly be made easier if you follow certain strategies. And in order to help you we’re going to talk about those strategies in 7 tips given below. Let’s begin:


#1. Use Lukewarm Water to Wash Face and Hands

Hot water feels too good in winter, but it also sucks more oil and moisture from your skin. Therefore, you’ll be much better off with lukewarm water, especially for your face and hands. Whenever you need to wash your face or hands, try to use lukewarm water instead of hot water.

#2. Moisturize Immediately After That

The whole process of washing and then drying with towel takes a lot of moisture away from your skin. So when you wash your face/hands and dry them with towel, don’t forget to moisturize them too. Use a good quality moisturizing lotion for that purpose.

#3. Choose Your Moisturizer(s) Carefully

Since we’re on the topic of moisturizers, it’s also important to learn about how to choose one. And before we talk about which ones to choose, let’s talk about which ones not to choose. Many over-the-counter moisturizers include petroleum-based products as their ingredient. You should simply avoid choosing them, as they can dry your skin even more in the cold weather. Only moisturizers made with natural ingredients can help you keep your skin properly moisturized during winters.

Next thing to look for after natural ingredients is the base of moisturizer. Choose oil-based solutions over water-based ones. Some good ingredients included in great moisturizers include lavender, jojoba and chamomile.

#4. Choose Cleansers and Hand Sanitizers Wisely

Besides moisturizers hand sanitizers and cleansers should also be chosen wisely because if they’re of bad quality, they can make your skin worse. During winters you should use alcohol-free hand sanitizers and soap-free cleansers only because they dry the skin much less than other similar products. You can also user antibacterial gels with hydrating properties to wash your hands during this season.

#5. Protect As Much As Possible

Prevention and protection both are better than cure. The more you protect your skin from dry weather of winter, the better off you’ll be. Your skin will require significantly less maintenance if you can protect its moisture by covering it under warm full-sleeve clothes, gloves, socks etc. For face protection you can try sunscreen. And if idea of using sunscreen to protect your face in winter seems bizarre to you, I’d like to tell you that thanks to the dry climate, sun of winters can be just as damaging to your skin as sun of summers. So you should protect your skin, especially face, from its excessive exposure.

#6. Use Honey for Rough, Dry Patches of Skin

If you’ve got dark, tough, rough and thick patches of skin on your elbows, knees or other parts of skin anywhere, they can be removed by using a hydrating scrub. One good option is honey mixed with sugar. Rubbing the scrub over those rough patches can make them go away without harming your skin, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of honey and circulation stimulative properties of sugar. This can be very helpful because during winters the blood in our skin is diverted towards the core to keep it warm.

#7. Treat Your Feet Before Going to Bed

Feet are also one of those body parts that suffer the most from cold weather. Before going to bed in night gently rub off the calluses from a pumice stone or any hydrating scrub and then moisturize the feet while they’re damp with a decent moisturizer, preferably with one having butter as its ingredient. Once done, wear socks overnight. Doing it for 3-4 weeks will bring a magical change to your feet.


Winter is indeed a challenging season for your skin, but if you pay proper attention to every part in your body and follow our tips given below then your skin will remain smooth throughout the season. Try them, and if you know any other skin care tips too for this season then please tell us about them in comments. Happy winters!

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