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7 Mistakes People Make When Buying New Shower Heads

As part of making the bathroom look its best, it is often common for people to invest more in the bathroom fixtures. The shower head is not going to be an exception as you will find new models being fitted more often. The shower head is supposed to transform your bathing experience, so it would be important that you make the right decision. As much as it might seem easy to pick a shower head, you might end up making a few mistakes. We get to discuss some of the common shower head mistakes people often make when making the purchase.

1. Buying a model simply because it is cheap

You might have heard of how cheap can be expensive sometimes. The worst is when you get to pick a shower head simply because it is cheap. You have to make several considerations such as the durability, performance and a lot more. Sometimes the manufacturers would make a model to be cheap only to find out later that it is not durable.

As much as it is possible to get a great product and affordable prices, you still have to make sure it comes with the right features. Lacking some important features will make it unusable even at a cheap price.

2. Forgetting about the aesthetics

There is no doubt that aesthetics is important for presentation. You would want to end up with the best shower head that matches the other fixtures and hardware in the bathroom. If you end up mismatching the shower head, you will always feel that it is out of place each time you enter the bathroom.

Sometimes you might not be the best judge when it comes to matching the fixtures. You can always have a friend help with the shopping for a new shower head. Getting a second opinion is important so that you end up with the right shower head.

3. Just choosing because of style

A shower head is supposed to look great and still work perfectly. It is the reason you have to pick a model that delivers both on style and functionality. With many pretty models on the market, there are still some models that might be just a pretty face and no functionality.

Having a model that cannot deliver on functionality will always lead to waste of money as you have to change it. If you find yourself having trouble picking between a pretty shower head and a functional one, always go for the functional option.

4. Forgetting to upgrade the bathroom plumbing

If you decide to upgrade your shower head, you might as well as go the extra mile of making some changes to the bathroom plumbing. You might have a great shower head, but weak plumbing, there is no chance of enjoying it further.

You have to make sure that the water supply is consistent and at the right pressure. It is through such regular maintenance that you can end up catching a problem in the plumbing before it gets worse. With a few changes, you should easily end up now elevating the shower experience.

5. Choosing a model with high water wastage

We live in a world where most people are always looking to conserve the environment. It is important that you get to choose the right type of shower head to help with conserving the water use. If you buy a low flow shower head, then you can bet on having worse shower experiences.

A great rain shower head will help in evenly distributing the water and deliver efficient water flow to minimize any wastages.

6. Forgetting to invest in a shower wand

The use of a shower wand has increased over the years to make it a necessity when buying a shower head. With a shower wand installed, you should get more functionality, better utility, and more performance. This is the kind of extra performance you can miss in a traditional shower head.

Having a shower wand in the bathroom will easily transform it to look luxurious even when it is just simple.

7. Investing in lowly-rated brands

You have to keep in mind the brand when buying the shower head. If you aim to end up with a great model, then consider getting one from a top brand. Reputable brands would have the experience of making the best shower heads.

Taking the time to do more research should help you with making up your mind about the best brand. Most shower heads today will have reviews to help you make up your mind. Use the reviews to your advantage.

There you have it, some of the mistakes people make with shower heads. You can now get yourself a great shower head after understanding which would be the best to use today. There is no harm in investing more time in researching about the best model. A great model will last you for longer.

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