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6 Weird Ways to Curl Hair Using Household Items

Ever wanted to curl hair in a fun and unexpected way? Look up these tricks for a fun time and great results!



This way would be best if you don’t want your curls to go all the way up and prefer to focus on the bottom of your hair. Take a strand of your hair, wet it with water and start wrapping the ends around the stocking. Roll it up and tie the ends together. It’s better to use hair spray instead of water because it will make your hair sticky and it will easily cling to the material.

Pizza Box Or Any Other Cardboard Box

This method is a little bit more challenging and requires additional preparation. First of all, you will need to cut out some of the props. Take your box and cut out all of the sides. Take one piece of cardboard and start cutting out the triangular-ish pieces. It should be about six inches long, 1 inch wide on one end and 2 inches wide on the other end. Trace this shape as many times as you need for your hair and cut the shapes out. Spray your hair with a small amount of hairspray and start wrapping the strand from the roots to the ends on the wider part of the cutout. Fold it on both sides and secure with bobby pins. This bizarre trick will give you interesting zigzag curls.

Dishwasher Sponge

Take several large rectangular dishwashers or bath sponges and cut them lengthwise so you have thinner longer pieces. Proceed to take scotch tape and wrap it around the surface of the sponge. This will prevent your hair from sticking to the sponge and lessen the chances of it getting stuck. Take a section of your hair and dampen it with water, then wrap it around the sponge all the way to the bottom and fold it in half, so both ends meet. Use an elastic band to fasten the ends. This particular way of curling your hair is very comfortable even if you choose to do it overnight because the softness of the sponge. The result will be no worse than work of the best stylists of Hair Salons In New York City.


The last thing you think about when you see chopsticks is a styling tool; however, they can be very useful for hair curling. For this trick, you will also need butterfly hair clamps to hold the sections of your hair in place. Twist the chosen part of your hair every time before wrapping it around the chopsticks from roots to ends and secure both ends of the chopsticks with butterfly clamps.

Paper Plate

Take a paper plate and cut it in half. Then roll up every half separately and secure them with tape. Start wrapping your hair from the bottom and roll the makeshift cylinder all the way up to the roots, securing in place with bobby pins.

Wax Paper

When lacking hair curlers wax paper turns out to be your next best option since it does not tear easily and is not affected by water. To curl your hair with this particular household item you’ll need to take a piece of wax paper and roll it into the cylinder. Take a section of your hair as close to the roots as possible and start wrapping it around the wax paper. Knot both ends of the wax paper together when you’ve reached the bottom of your hair.

Choose one of these tricks or try every single one of them. Either way, great pastime and hairstyle are guaranteed!

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