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5 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Kids As A Working Mom

If you are a working mom, you may don’t get enough time to spend with your beloved kids. Not spending enough time with your kids can have negative impacts on their mental health. You don’t have to sacrifice anything to find time to spend with your kids.

Here are some useful tips to find some time and spend quality time with your kids:

1. Mobile Free Car Time

If you take your kid to his or her school every day, you can make use of the time you travel on your car with your kid. Use the commuting time to talk to your kid, ask questions about as many things about his or her day as possible. Or, maybe just find a reason to laugh together.

Many parents get too busy with their phones while on a car with their kids. But it’s more important to spend time with your kid than surfing the internet or using social media.

2. Daily Hug Time

No matter how busy you are, you can always have time for few hugs a day with your kids. Hugging makes kids feel special and cared for. It can significantly lift their spirits especially if they are upset. Make the ritual of hugging and your kid will never feel less loved.

3. Ask For Help

If your kid is young enough to help you with any of your works, just ask them for it. They will happily do anything and feel good after doing the favor. Get your kids involved in the jobs around your house.

4. Play with the Kids at the Weekends

You may don’t get enough time to play with your kids daily. But once a week should not be an issue. So, make a weekly ritual of playing with them and enjoy your time doing so.

5. Make Holidays Count

Give great importance to celebrate every holiday you get and do something special for your kids. Prepare some delicious food for them and involve them in the cooking process. Or, at least, let them watch cooking food for them. Better if you can go on a family beach trip and any other family vacation during the holidays.

Important Note

Enjoy every minute you spend with your kids. Make them feel special. Motherhood is not just about baby care. Leaving your baby to a babysitter and not spending enough time will have negative impacts on your baby’s mental health. It’s important to even record the notable events in your kid’s life. Choosing baby memory book is easy. Just choose one and write down the memorable events. Someday, the baby memory book will surely take you back to your early days of motherhood.

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